Property investors Christmas message from the Palace

Property investors Christmas message from the Palace

11:59 AM, 26th December 2020, About 3 years ago 1

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Watch this special message exclusively for property investors this Christmas from Buckingham Palace.

2021 will be full of uncertainty, but this is the new norm.

I share how you can learn to prosper through the uncertainty and make 2021 your best year ever.

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12:25 PM, 29th December 2020, About 3 years ago

I agree about events are always with us and the negativity of them can hold you back. I am still going forwards and just working around the mayhem.

However, your point about any random person being able to share info nowadays is what has gotten us into this conspiracy age. There is something to that, but a lot of the conspiracies are just truths well hidden from us in the past. The internet now allows more whistle blowers to shine light on the real corruption. It is massive !

This pandemic is not incompetence, it is outright fraud. It is being used as a screen to hide the West's disastrous balance sheets. Covid is real, but it is not any more dangerous than a flu. The elderly need more protection. That is it.

Our society has changed and it is not going to go back to how it was, people must be able to see this. Next year all will become more clearer. Is this conspiracy ??

388 odd healthy people in the UK under 60 have died of covid. Go on the ONS website and get the data.

Last time i looked there were 500 approx people under 45 who died of covid and were either healthy or had issues. This figure jumps to 5500 under 65.

The bulk of the deaths are 65 and over. Terrible as it may be, it is not that bad in terms of normal yearly deaths. I think the average age of a covid death is older than the average age of death in the UK.

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