Mini Vampires Are Taking Part in The Olympics

Mini Vampires Are Taking Part in The Olympics

17:09 PM, 30th July 2012, About 11 years ago 1

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Bed Bug problems are increasing day by day and due to the Olympics hotels and houses in London and the surrounding areas are at more risk than ever. During the Olympics in Sydney, pest controllers announced a very concerning 8000% increase in Bed Bugs. Further to this Pest Controllers are ready for the attack of the Bed Bugs in London this Olympics.

Bed-Bugs-OlympicsBed Bugs are like modern day vampires, they sleep during the day and attack at night, when they bite they let off an anaesthetic meaning you are not woken, this antiseptic wears off through the night and you wake up in the morning in a lot of pain – itching all over! When they bite they leave a nasty red rash and an inflamed area.

The bed bugs use you as a host, wherever you go, they go too. With the Olympics for example, people from all walks of life will be travelling to London and bringing their Bed Bugs to London with them. Bed Bugs lay multiple eggs that look like poppy seeds, these then feed and the life-cycle continues.

How do you get rid of the Bed Bugs? This is part you and part professional. You need to wash all clothes and bedding in at least 60 degrees and ideally tumble dry too. If you have stayed in the London area for the Olympics you need to ensure none of your clothes go into the bedroom, but straight in the 60+degree wash to kill the Bed Bugs, then ensure your suitcase is left in a loft or garage as there will be nothing for the bed bugs to eat and they and their off spring will die.

Then bring in a Pest Controller to exterminate and get rid of your mini vampires.  They will use chemical and organic treatment, along with special heaters to get rid of the bed bugs. A sniffer dog is also bought in, they can find even small colonies of Bed Bugs a lot quicker, and therefore they can help get rid of your vampire problem quickly.

Good Night, Sleep Tight – Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite!

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Roberta Goodall

22:00 PM, 31st July 2012, About 11 years ago

About four years ago a tenant visited her family in Eastern European and shortly afterwards told me that there were 'small animals' living in the carpet, which I identified as bed bugs. She asked for a new carpet and bed. I said no, it was not my responsibility as she had obviously introduced the bed bugs, but I agreed to ask the council to fumigate. Council took my £40, then phoned back the next day to say they were not going to do the job because 'it's a nightmare' and advised me to get a private firm in. (Money refunded) Private firm said it would be £550. I told tenant she would have to pay most of it and we'd discuss how to pay. She refused and told me she was going to buy chemicals 'as we do in my country' and deal with the problem herself. I told her she must not do this as she had a baby in the flat.

She went to Citizens Advice. I also contacted CA Direct and they confirmed it was tenant who was liable. Her CA adviser wrote on her behalf to Repairing Standard Scotland who offered mediation. I refused on the basis that there was no case to answer. They then said they were sending 3 people across Scotland to set up a tribunal which I had to attend to answer the charge of the flat not being habitable. By this time I was exceedingly stressed and unable to sleep.

I spoke to the tenant to tell her what was happening and she told me that the problem was fixed - it turned out that CA had asked council to fumigate, and they did it immediately, for free, and it worked! No one had thought to tell me. I told Repairing Standard who continued their action against me. I told them I was going to complain about them at which point they admitted they did not know the problem was fixed because they had never spoken to the tenant! I asked them to phone her, which they did, and she agreed to confirm everything in writing. End of problem.

So if your tenant does get bed bugs, watch out - it is a nightmare.It took 4 months to get Repairing Standard off my back. By the way, the council supervisor told me that the operator had not fumigated when I requested it because he couldn't be bothered, that he was having a bad week...

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