Even More Flaws In Liverpool Landlord Licensing Exposed

Even More Flaws In Liverpool Landlord Licensing Exposed

20:00 PM, 26th May 2016, About 6 years ago 13

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This article was released exclusively on Property118.com at 8pm on Thursday 26th May 2016, the same time as my presentation to landlords attending my Liverpool Landlords Emergency Meeting. Please feel free to share it on social media networks. Press and media may contact me email in the first instance larrysweeney@swissmail.orgflaws

Thank you to Mark Alexander and Neil Patterson at Property118 for all their support in terms of helping me to promote this meeting and for giving me an audience to share my research.

The additional points being raised in relation to LCC Landlord Licensing are as follows:-

  1. LCC are no longer able to issue five year licenses as their scheme has only 3 years and 10 months to run. Nevertheless they are still charging for a 5 year licence.
  2. Condition 4 of the scheme rules relating to anti-social behaviour refer to a section 21 notice. Does this mean that landlords would be breaking the law if they entered into a corporate letting agreement where section 21 notice is not applicable?
  3. HMO applicants are informed on the LCC website of their right to appeal against a license or its conditions to the RPT (Residential Property tribunal). The selective License applicant is not informed of his right of appeal at all.

I will also be explaining how, on the back of a gigantic lie, LCC introduced selective licensing by insulting the people of Liverpool and downgrading the city by calling it an area of low demand and how and why Brandon Lewis Housing Minister changed the law after this to prevent any other authority abusing legislation as Liverpool have done.

Further flaws in LCC Landlord Licensing previously reported include …

A) Why the declarations on the LCC Landlord Licensing Application fall foul of the Data Protection Act. I will be issuing copies of the ICO letter to delegates and explaining why the application form does not meet any legal standards.

B) How the wording of the licence conditions could result in a landlord issuing a section 21 notice which would fail as a result of the deregulation act 2015

Where do we go from here?

There is little point listening to any guidance or utterances from LCC/RLA.

I suggest that Liverpool Landlords should request forthwith the return of all documentation signed either in hard copy or online to review what exactly they have signed, particularly in regards to the flawed Data Protection Issues and scheme rules I have highlighted above.

All applicants should, as is their right, and as advised by the NLA, request all new applications in paper format to be sent out and these new applications returned manually to ensure full and absolute compliance.

While LCC are dealing with this, all landlords should contact the Housing Minister to urgently intervene and halt this rogue authority.

We should also call for:-

  • a statement from Cllr. Ann O Byrne who was instrumental in setting up this licensing scheme
  • an independent investigation in to Liverpool landlord Licensing
  • the resignation of Cllr. Ann O Byrne.


Liverpool Landlord Licensing 1

Liverpool Landlord Licensing 2

Landlord Licensing Roadshow


Larry Sweeney

15:36 PM, 31st May 2016, About 6 years ago

Thanks Mandy. Please have a look at my offering on the Portal today re Croydon. It will save you ploughing through mounds of regulations. Croydon"s scheme is flawed.
Furthermore apart from the issue of references, which as I stated is not as per the housing act 2004,, There is another flaw with Croydon.
See their question on the application.
"has any associate of the proposed license holder been found by a court or tribune to have any unspent convictions that may be relevant to proposed License holder fitness to hold a license.
This is complete tosh. Are you supposed to ask the associate you met in Spain last year and with whom you have a drink from time to time if he could provide a DBS. What about your associates from the darts team in the pub, or your associates at work. The housing act states that no body other than the applicable person .ie the License holder is to be bound by the conditions of the License, but Croydon seem to require criminal checks on your associates. What Happens if your associate from the golf club lies about the his criminal conviction because for obvious reasons he is embarrassed, and you state No on the form, but his murky past eventually makes it in to the local news. You have lied on your application form. This condition is unsustainable, and when taken with Croydon"s attempt to re write the Housing act by insisting you obtain rather than demand references ,renders Croydon"s scheme Illegal.

Cheeky Chappy

23:20 PM, 2nd June 2016, About 6 years ago

Once again Mr Sweeney giving wrong information. 1. The period for a selective licence is a maximum of 5 years from the date scheme comes into force, as the scheme only runs for that period, so any licence issued after commencement date is for the remaining period and not 5 years. 2. Only the landlord or agent acting on behalf of landlord can issue s21. P,ease get your facts right before you put misleading comments on this forum

Larry Sweeney

17:48 PM, 3rd June 2016, About 6 years ago

That is exactly my point cheeky Chappie. Liverpool charge us for a 5 year license, but with their inefficiency have failed to issue the majority of said licenses and now can only issue for a maxium period of 3 years 10 months.
You seem to always want to defend Councils. Clearly you have an agenda and you are not a landlord. We all know the designation was 5 years and had licenses been issued promptly they would have run for perhaps 5 years less 3 months which is the average time for other authorities to issue. Perhaps you could get your Council pals to speed up the process.

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