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Tuesday 5th January 2016

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Chloe Kerr

11:04 AM, 5th January 2016
About 5 years ago

Landlord Action calls for a Rogue Tenant List

Hi Andrea, Thank-you for very much for your recommendation and on-going support over the years.

You are correct the answer does already exist through Tenant Referencing UK (
We are committed to provide the best practise referencing for both landlords and letting agents by supplying them with the best tools to do so.

We offer our Tenant History Reports which helps protect landlords and letting agents from taking someone else's rogue.
As you said Andrea, the data has been built up over 7 years and we now have a database well of over 400,000 tenants which increases everyday, as with our new systems every time a member takes a financial report with us from Equifax the tenants rental history is automatically uploaded; creating them a tenant history.
Some with rent arrears and property damage costs totalling over £10,000, and others with a perfect rental history.
It really is a no where to run no where to hide system now in stopping rogue tenants from moving around, whilst creating tenant histories along side financial histories for good tenants.

We are sure this is an over site as we even feature in Paul's book as the best company to reference prospective tenants through as we can provide our unique Tenant History Reports. Read More