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Si G

7:44 AM, 26th February 2017, About 5 years ago

Why Did I Ever Invest in Buy to let?

Reply to the comment left by "Mark Alexander" at "24/02/2017 - 07:20":

Hello Mark, sound like James will be receiving less income due to the reduction in mortgage interest relief so maybe he'll need to think about increasing the rent to offset that ? No pain no gain as they say.... Read More

Si G

7:20 AM, 26th February 2017, About 5 years ago

Extra SDLT but my only property is abroad?

Reply to the comment left by "Kate Mellor" at "19/11/2016 - 22:52":

Hello Kate, please comment on an imaginary scenario if you wish to or anyone else please sorry if its been covered before.
b2let purchase in own name will become 2nd home at £90,000 is the 3% sdlt chargable on the £90,000 or (£90,000 - £40,000) ? and if the "2nd home" is bought under a ltd then i assume theres no cgt as its not a "2nd home" if you see what i mean.
General rant - why make things difficult cant the market self regulate whats the end game all work and no play ?... Read More

Si G

14:41 PM, 24th February 2017, About 5 years ago

Online Estate Agents seem too good to be true?

Reply to the comment left by "Rob Crawford" at "24/12/2016 - 18:42":

Hello Rob, a friend is looking at entering the b2let market and wants to cut out as much outlay as possible, can anyone suggest cheaper options than the traditional high street agent or is he best to simply hand the property to them ive heard of 10 - 12% being charged seems a tad high.
ps ill look at the above company too... Read More

Si G

13:18 PM, 23rd February 2017, About 5 years ago

UK property investors say new regulations will force them out of buy-to-let in 2016

Reply to the comment left by "sam " at "13/02/2016 - 22:51":

Hello Sam, hope you don't mind does anyone know if the 3% sdlt applies to only individuals or also to ltd purchases im asking on behalf of a friend who wants to enter this market but is concerned by a plethora of recent regulation, he also mentioned something about combined value up to £140,000 exempt, any clarification would be welcome.... Read More

Si G

12:58 PM, 25th January 2017, About 5 years ago

Summer Budget 2015 - Landlords Reactions

Being ltd means your accounts and financial position are open to public view, some landlords wight prefer to keep their financial affairs private.... Read More