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Carol Duckfield

4 months ago
Guardian’s current onslaught against private landlords

Perhaps they should go and look at Phil Spencers Find me a home program the other week where there was clear evidence of a family with a young child living in council housing that had severe rat/cockroach infestation. The council were aware of the problem and apparently could do nothing about it but still charged market rent for the place........ Read More

Carol Duckfield

10 months ago
Boundary dispute time limitation?

Don't think they have a leg to stand on as under adverse possession the required time has elasped without their ownership being challenged - developer is just trying it one but would suggest that they get the paperwork submitted to update the land registry entry accordingly... Read More

Carol Duckfield

12 months ago
Lewisham council tenant desperate for help?

Neil I find your response interesting - I have two properties that are managed by housing associations and their repair and maintenance performance leave a lot to be desired some much so that one had been down graded by HCA and their accountability seems to be teflon coated even when it comes to no lights on stairwells that take months to resolve!

Yet wage bills are rising rapidly (top 10 CEO salaries are now over £250k with highest being £500k), nothing is done to resolve poor performing staff and sickness rates seem out of control. And lets no forget that the majority of the money they receive comes from the public coffers.....

My involvement activities have been a real eye opener on what is deemed acceptable accomodation, the investment a tenant has to make in kitting out their flat - carpets, curtains, electrical applicances etc and what the tenants responsibilities are during their tenancy... Read More

Nottingham City Council looking to implement a citywide selective licensing

Reply to the comment left by "Carol Duckfield" at "11/12/2016 - 09:05":

Forgot to add that in dicussions over the last couple of years they had only 2 areas that were being considered for further licencing....... Read More

Nottingham City Council looking to implement a citywide selective licensing

There are also trying it in Birmingham as the following line items has been included in the budget published for consultation this week

Line item HN4 Selective licencing
Private Rented Housing Sector - Refocus the service and use
appropriate powers to target 11 wards with high proportions of private rented housing where there is high demand for services in order to improve housing standards and reduce anti-social behaviour.
Projected saving over 4 years £1.75M... Read More