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Gunga Din

10:05 AM, 6th November 2018
About A week ago

Gas safety check flexibility?

Rob, I did indeed ambiguously write "post date the new certificate" but meant - enter a due date for the next check 12 months from the existing expiry date. There's no question of entering a "check done date" other than actual, but with MoTs there's an established process and both "done date" and new expiry date are on the form. Pen-amending a CP-12 form seems a bit unofficial although if questioned I suppose one will be able to plead compliance with the new HSE rule.
I was stunned to get a reply from HSE a couple of days after emailing them, but it was a cut-and-paste canned reply which admonished me that all the answers can be found in blah blah blah, and addressed none of the questions I asked them.
I have three different CP-12 formats in my collection and none have the facility to enter an expiry date independent of the "done" date.
Robert, which organisation produces the forms you receive?

Here's the HSE page:-

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Gunga Din

14:26 PM, 26th October 2018
About 3 weeks ago

One of my tenants is not keeping the house tidy?

I also agree leave them in if the rent coming in on time. My longest standing tenant was in situ when I bought his flat. It was untidy then and is probably worse now. You can't dictate how people keep their homes or the conditions they choose to exist in.

He is no trouble, and the rent is perfectly regular. Your people are simply lining themselves up for a deposit argument when they finally do leave, and you will have to expect they will try to make the deposit the last month's rent. This is a situation where it is useful to have got the inventory done by an independent party.

The other issue is the partner. If he's there often enough to contribute to the untidiness, he should definitely be on the tenancy agreement. Suppose she moves out with the children leaving him in residence?


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Gunga Din

17:52 PM, 10th October 2018
About a month ago

Straw Poll to combat further government attacks - Please help

I provided my data earlier, and included the note that mine are in the economically quiet north-east. Assuming the new proposal will be a blanket nationwide policy, areas like mine will see minimal take-up, therefore minimal benefit to LLs, compared to in more affluent parts.

The whole concept belies the govt's spin, designed to perpetuate the illusion that property ownership is still the universal aspiration. Certainly not in depressed areas, but I shouldn't think it is nationwide either, to the extent that it traditionally was decades ago.

Is there any research to suggest that any significant number of tenants actually want to buy their homes ?... Read More

Gunga Din

10:15 AM, 10th October 2018
About a month ago

Straw Poll to combat further government attacks - Please help

1) 12.5%,
2) 1 in 8.
3) None. They're students, Polish temporary workers and low income earners.
4) None. The other issue is that mine are flats in converted three storey Victorian terraces so selling a flat introduces various complications.
Of the nearly 50 tenancies I've had, only one tenant, to my knowledge, left to buy a house. This was with her partner, greatly aided by her father. My flats are in a medium sized, post-industrial high unemployment coastal town in the North East.... Read More

Gunga Din

10:20 AM, 26th September 2018
About 2 months ago