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Gunga Din

13:16 PM, 21st April 2022, About a month ago

Short term tenancy until property sold?

"tbh - unless you are desperate, leave empty."

That's the view I took. Three story Victorian terrace, three flats. Investor buyer just waiting for things to progress. Apparently takes ages these days, or so I'm assured by my agent.

I politely asked buyer to get on with it, and he said put tenants in if I can, and he'll take them on. We've found two so far, and have of course told them there'll be a new landlord shortly with the section 48 form to notify them. In the meantime I'm no longer shelling out about £400 in C Tax, so there's no longer any urgency from that standpoint as it's profitable again.... Read More

Gunga Din

11:25 AM, 7th February 2022, About 4 months ago

Being an expert after an expert is employed?

I take the view that if the issues were a danger, they would be C2 or C1. There’s a tremendous amount of flannel written into the C3 definition, on the cover one’s bottom principle. I wonder whether the legal bottom line is LL responsible if anything happened consequent to a C3, because the LL has been “warned”, or assessor responsible because he/she should have made it a C2.... Read More

Gunga Din

10:14 AM, 2nd February 2022, About 4 months ago

Contract or deposit first?

"they wont do this without a contract/TA first - I tell both UC the tenant there is no way this is going to happen"

Likewise. Its an unfortunate catch 22 built into the system. Walk away.... Read More

Gunga Din

9:33 AM, 2nd February 2022, About 4 months ago

Contract or deposit first?

"I’ve never really felt comfortable asking for any money upfront before a contract, but I’m beginning to think I have to/should."

At very least, you should have taken the first month's rent and the deposit before completing the tenancy agreement. Signatures and date of signing are the last details to go on, and these should not happen until £ has changed hands.

I agree that anyone asking for a completed agreement and not going through with it is probably up to no good as you suggest, and that sending a draft copy beforehand is all they can reasonably request.... Read More

Gunga Din

11:32 AM, 31st January 2022, About 4 months ago

How often should a Fire Risk Assessment be upgraded?

The Editor's Note sums it up. The take-away is that you need to show you've done one/some if the house ever burns down. There are templates out there, I think I got mine from the NLA/NRLA site.
If nothing has changed, and risk-wise, it never has, I just copy the details into the new line on the form.... Read More