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Gunga Din

15:11 PM, 27th March 2020
About 3 days ago

Adding another tenant onto contract

I agree with above - leave no loose ends. Ensure they know the meaning of "Jointly and severally liable". I don't see why the rent shouldn't rise a little. Last time I did this, it was £350 for one guy, £400 when his buddy moved in. It'll be a reduction for your existing tenant, and a heck of a deal for the newcomer. As long as they understand what a rent holiday is they will surely see sense.... Read More

Gunga Din

12:22 PM, 25th March 2020
About 5 days ago

We want to help - Recovering deferred rent?

Given the rigidity of the deposit schemes, I would be surprised if there's any way the deposit can be released. Obviously it would be "available" at the end of the tenancy.

We have to be flexible, but balance this with the attitude that its primarily the tenants' responsibility to cover the rent. Few will have savings or families able to help. Keep your business head on, and assume that if given an inch they will take a mile. The possibility mentioned that they leave with massive rental debts is real, no matter how nice people they seem.

I'm not proactively offering my tenants concessions, rather waiting for them to ask me. I'll then remind them of their responsibilities, that I have mortgage payments etc., and that it'll be rent holidays/deferrals rather than being let off. I will then work something out to help them. Even in the worst case with no rent coming in, I'd rather they be responsible for utilities and council tax!... Read More

Gunga Din

12:14 PM, 24th March 2020
About 6 days ago

Gas Safe - Advice and suspension of Safety inspections

"checks at their properties carried out any time from 10 to 12 calendar months after the previous check and still retain the original deadline date"

Some flexibility has been allowed (HSE site) for a while now (not two months though) so it can work like an MoT. However I've yet to find a gas engineer willing to annotate the form accordingly. The forms I've seen don't have the spaces to indicate anything other than the next inspection being due 12 months from the one just done.

I realise things are exceptional at the moment, but the only way to take advantage of the MoT-like flexibility is to keep a separate record of all the dates. Pity the forms don't reflect it.... Read More

Gunga Din

14:08 PM, 10th March 2020
About 3 weeks ago

No housing benefit but what if they need it during tenancy?

I absolutely agree with being flexible for a good tenant whose circumstances change, but that change can result in a tenant metamorphosis.

"I’m struggling to see the logic in the original post."

I'm not. I empathise with the OP's caution. Yes the tenant may be conscientious, prioritise rent over other discretionary spending, but I'm sure I've read a stat recently saying 60% of tenants starting UC in an area over the last so many months have gone into arrears. I would hate to tar everyone with the same brush but an element of risk suddenly arises which wasn't there at the tenancy start.

"Personally as a tenant I would not want to continue with a landlord like that and would be looking to move ASAP."

I would expect the tenants to dig their heels in and do everything they could to avoid moving. In many areas, voluntarily leaving a tenancy puts one right at the bottom of the LA's priority list, and the tenant faces a limited choice of properties to move to.

"Remember that being a landlord is a business...."

Exactly. Not a charity. Sound business sense dictates ensuring your incomings cover your costs, lowering risk, and reacting to changes in risk.

"..and tenants are your customers. Businesses work with their customers not against them."

If they're not paying rent they're not really customers. LLs often have mortgages to pay. There is the possibility that even if the tenant gets another job in six months they won't be in a position to pay the missing or reduced six months' rent.

I agree, work with the tenant, explain your angle, be flexible, but it depends on how long term a view you're prepared to take. See whether they keep paying rent then decide how long you're going to pay for a roof over their heads.... Read More

Gunga Din

11:07 AM, 30th December 2019
About 3 months ago

Universal Credit and possible tenancy questions?

I’ve had two applicants in the last few weeks in the same position, and who I felt like giving a chance to, and have the same lack of commitment from the benefits office or UC. I’ve proceeded with neither, as once a TA is written/signed, the tenancy becomes extant and all bets are off about what the authorities may have implied would happen.

I realise the potential for benefit fraud but it’s another example of the authorities failing to work with us, and losing opportunities to house people.... Read More