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Gunga Din

11:00 AM, 2nd August 2021, About A day ago

Utilities Nightmare taking my time?

One thing I'd advise is to get assertive with the suppliers, and tell them what you will pay for, rather than allowing them to dictate to you. Make your complaint via their online message facility, tell them what the consumption was, what you think the DD amount should be and just wait for them to reply. Meanwhile, cancel the DD (telling them you've done so) until they comply with your demands.

Utilities' phone agents usually do a good job dealing with residential owner/occupier situations but not with the complexities of a LL dealing with multiple rental properties with voids.... Read More

Gunga Din

12:02 PM, 22nd June 2021, About a month ago

EICR Confusion - ReTest ambiguity?

I've just had remedials done by a firm which uses the NAPIT certification system. The report has fail and satisfactory boxes. On completion of the remedials the form is raised to reflect the works, and the satis box is ticked. And the works certificate is sent to the council for the new DB.

In another case, a contractor used the NICEIC forms. The flats failed - new DBs were required and some other minor adjustments. An EIC was issued, Elect. Installation Cert., as opposed to a new EICR.

In yet another case, the contractor who did the initial failed EICR closed down for xmas and I got another firm to come in and right the minor wrongs. I was issued a Minor Works Certificate specifically detailing the fail points, and told that served as confirmation that the flat was compliant. No new EICR was issued because the second contractor only did the defects and would have had to start from square one to issue an EICR for the flat.

I agree the regs are ambiguous, and different interpretations can be derived by me (non-electrically trained LL) and the contractors.

OP - " and an invoice for the remedial works?" I don't see the need to send an invoice copy. None of the tenant's business surely. Just confirmation of work done.

In my fails I sent copies of the failed inspection certificates and when remedied, copies of the new ones. Ditto to the council housing dept as required, although they gave every indication of having no idea as to why.... Read More

Gunga Din

12:47 PM, 18th June 2021, About 2 months ago

Rishi Sunak is making landlords the Scapegoats

"A landlord should go direct to the HMG dwp..."

How would one do this?

My UC payment problem is small in comparison to many so I won't bore you with it (about £500 debt) but I'd still like to complain.... Read More

Gunga Din

9:47 AM, 9th June 2021, About 2 months ago

Can Guarantor give notice to end tenancy that has become periodic?

That (NRLA guidance) must have been what I was thinking of in the first post.... Read More

Gunga Din

13:00 PM, 8th June 2021, About 2 months ago

Can Guarantor give notice to end tenancy that has become periodic?

I stand corrected and appreciate the education.... Read More