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Gunga Din

9:49 AM, 17th August 2018
About a month ago

Respond now or get 3 year tenancies!

From the consultation doc.:-

"Landlords without a mortgage do not have to abide by any conditions from their mortgage provider with regards to tenancy length."

Which mortgage provider would that be then? Genius.... Read More

Gunga Din

9:28 AM, 16th August 2018
About a month ago

Update with Some success

I hope you've been in touch with Kingston University!... Read More

Gunga Din

11:14 AM, 1st August 2018
About 2 months ago

Downsizers Struggle

Interesting. I'm looking to relocate primary residence, and would prefer a house in need of updating. It would be cheaper, and I could choose the bathroom/kitchen/decor/etc., as opposed to having to grudgingly pay for the recent hasty improvements done to improve its sale prospects.... Read More

Gunga Din

11:51 AM, 26th July 2018
About 2 months ago

Kent Landlord - Hero or Villain

This from the Chief EHO of Ashford Council, after I asked to be referred to the 24 hour deadline thing:-

"I’m assuming your email relates to recent press releases regarding a local landlord evicting his tenants for such time limits. If so, I can inform you that no such information exists. As a council we assess each defect within a rented property based on the harm to the occupants and the landlords cooperation. We always try to resolve matters informally, before taking any action. For further information about our enforcement policy see the link below:"

Gunga Din... Read More

Gunga Din

15:44 PM, 14th June 2018
About 3 months ago

Section 24 Property types affected?

Well resurrected, Sir!
I was disappointed there was no conclusive answer last time. With three such properties I watch with interest. I had already submitted the tax stuff to the accountant last time.... Read More