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Gary Bray

15:11 PM, 28th September 2018
About 5 months ago

Rental cost and increases at record levels

"Four in ten tenants saw their rents rise in August"

I suspect that someone has misread or misinterpreted the data here. They're saying that 40% of tenant received rent rises in August alone!

Further down in the article the numbers showing falling rental demand and a higher supply of property for rent certainly aligns with what I'm seeing. S24 never did stem the supply as so many predicted.... Read More

Gary Bray

8:30 AM, 16th May 2018
About 9 months ago

Static shocks - Council require full inspection!

I'm not sure if this is a question or what? Although there's no legal requirement to do so, if one hasn't been carried out on the property recently surely that would be a wise thing to do?... Read More

Gary Bray

9:24 AM, 7th December 2016
About 2 years ago

Replacement Double Glazing - who should pay and when?

Hi April,

I've never heard of management companies replacing windows in people's flats. You first paragraph states 'the Management Company have accepted responsibility for maintaining the windows and doors' but later on you state 'the Directors accept responsibility for the costs of replacement windows'.

I suspect the former to be true and that you will probably end up doing what the many other leaseholders have done and getting them replaced yourself.

Gary.... Read More

Gary Bray

15:08 PM, 2nd July 2016
About 3 years ago

Tax saving tips for landlords

Just wondering if anyone has got the 2015/16 figures for using your own home and mileage allowance?

Gary.... Read More

Gary Bray

15:58 PM, 20th September 2015
About 3 years ago

Government funded carbon monoxide detectors?

Reply to the comment left by "Saeef Khan" at "20/09/2015 - 10:43":

Surely any issues with compliance in this area will be picked up during the next gas safety inspection (CP12)?... Read More