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Chris Bunn

9:18 AM, 2nd January 2020
About 3 months ago

Can this be construed as damage to the carpet?

Hi Andrew,
As a landlord this has happened to me a few times in the past 20 years. If I have been made aware of the fault it becomes my problem not the tennant. I would talk to the tennant and point out the washing machine either needs to be repaired at the tennants cost or removed to prevent damage to my property.
Or if they are good tenants that have been there a number of years I accept responsibility and pay to get it repaired or replaced at my cost.
At the end of the day tenants are customers you can win an argument with a customer and lose that customer. Which in turn cost you money to replace them. Look at the big picture when you have a good tennant keep them happy.... Read More

Chris Bunn

9:39 AM, 27th March 2019
About A year ago

Why UK landlords are flocking to Portugal

Hi Everybody,
I have just read a few comments and thought I would add my experience of Portugal. I left the UK in 2009 having decided I no longer wanted to live in my country. I have served in the RAF for 22 years and did not take the decision lightly. I moved to Cape Town South Africa.
A lot of South Africans are now moving to Portugal for the sake of their children. I came to Portugal to visit a friend on the on the 25th of March having never been here before. Two days later having visited a few government department I now have a 5 year permanent residency (which allows me in all EU country's ) and after 5 years I can apply for a Portuguese passport whilst, retaining my British Passport. I am staying near Lisbon and have enjoyed my time here so far. In fact I flew my Daughters from Cape Town a few days ago and they also have their residency here after 2 days. In view of the UK Brexit position I consider it a very good insurance policy going forward.
So if anybody is considering getting permanent residency in Portugal it is not to late but the clock is ticking it only cost 17.5 Euros per person for the residency so don't let the cost or time it takes to do this put you off. After all our government is not helping us as landlords.
It will take much longer once the UK is out of the EU, if that ever happens. The cost will be around 500,000 euros as a property or business investment to get the same residency.
Right that's it I am of now to explore the country.
I hope this helps
Chris... Read More

Chris Bunn

14:40 PM, 31st August 2018
About 2 years ago

Tenant asking for hardship compensation over bins?

Hi Mitesh,
I have had things like this happen to me in the past. It might be she just want to move out early but cant afford to walk away from the money she has paid up. I would write to her stating you have done everything within your power and there is nothing else you can do regarding this matter. Should she find the situation unacceptable you are happy to release her from rental contract early with no finality penalty other than any damages covered by deposit ie cleaning etc, ( you also need to see if your agent will refund payment or find another tenant for you or say that the fees paid will not be returned from agent )
Providing she gives you 30 days notice from the date of moving in. IE 30 days minimum to 60 days if she were to miss the rent due date.

In addition to that if she wants you to serve notice on her which might be the case so she can get council housing or simply want to move out. You need the request in writing from her and you will oblige.
By doing this the ball is in her court and you are seen to be reasonably.
I have had tenants reporting faults which are intermittent or none existent but cost money to send out workmen. Then when they leave the faults go with them. Then find out they have a job farther away and do not want to do the daily trip.

a unhappy tenant can cost you lots of time money and aggravation.
Best of luck
Chris... Read More

Chris Bunn

16:41 PM, 22nd June 2018
About 2 years ago

What information is it reasonable for a freeholder to demand?

I had a similar letter years ago.I had to inform E&M that I was letting my property and gain permission from them under the lease terms. I did this and was granted the right to let my flat at a admin cost about £50. The next letter I got was a year or so later asking me if the same tenants were in place. If new tenants were in place they wanted to grant permission again for another admin fee. I pointed out that I had been granted permission to let from them already. I could not find the clause in the lease that said I must apply more than once. Could they please point it out to me. If they just wanted information from me I would happily comply with the request. Just send me £50 admin fee. That was the end of it I never got a reply.... Read More

Chris Bunn

8:24 AM, 25th May 2018
About 2 years ago

BTL electric safety - Fan over bath?

Reply to the comment left by Puzzler at 24/05/2018 - 12:59
you are not supposed to fit a MAINS voltage fan in zone one of a bathroom. A low voltage one can be fitted ie 12 volts. If it is a low voltage one there will be a transformer placed out of zone one. I place them outside the bathroom above the door. It is a safety issue that way even if you are stood in a bath of water working on a live fan of 12 volts you can not kill yourself. Find out what type of fan you have.... Read More