Amazonia Starbuck paying is for fools!

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Amazonia Starbuck paying is for fools!

18:11 PM, 18th October 2019
About 2 months ago

Top 25 UK Buy to Let postcodes

I can confirm this survey is incredibly accurate,I have 2 properties with FK post codes and the gross return is just under 10%.
Look what you can get for just under the magical £40 k. Read More

Amazonia Starbuck paying is for fools!

11:39 AM, 19th July 2019
About 5 months ago

Couldn't make it up - Unless you work for the Guardian!

Reply to the comment left by Dr Rosalind Beck at 19/07/2019 - 10:53
He looks like the kind of guy that " has a friend who works almost every waking hour, mainly to pay the rent."
I wonder if this friend is his nanny?...........footman? ..........maid?
Maybe he could open up his property to some poor people that would love to live in Oxford but can't afford to, I am sure he has the space.
Surely for one so pure as he is it would be the next logical step.... Read More

Amazonia Starbuck paying is for fools!

13:15 PM, 14th April 2019
About 8 months ago

Minimum EPC Ratings Scotland

I had a look at one of my properties certificates,one of the proposals is a suspended floor!
Has anyone ever had one installed?
Do they actually exist?
If they do, how much is the cost?
Are they ensuring all council rentings meet the same mental standards?... Read More

Amazonia Starbuck paying is for fools!

18:18 PM, 4th February 2019
About 10 months ago

No shower - It's a dirty job?

He has problem tenant written all over him,I would get him out ASAP.
Observing all legal niceties of course.
There is a group of people who do not respond to reason and once they think they have the upper hand make life difficult for everyone whilst playing the martyr.Good luck.... Read More

Amazonia Starbuck paying is for fools!

13:52 PM, 24th December 2018
About 12 months ago

Should I trouble my insurance if Direct Line will not help?

Thanks everyone for the advice, to me it seemed clear cut that they were liable.
The owner occupier thinks he's liable ,but as with many things insurance related the glaringly obvious to a layman does not translate into reality!
I am going with the,suck it up and fix it myself option and count myself lucky, it's a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things just annoying.... Read More