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John Dunt

10:00 AM, 18th May 2019, About 3 years ago

Fire Panel - Compatible Smoke Alarms?

Firstly, Grade A LD2 is not a panel type, it is a level of protection specified in BS5839 Part 1.
The Kentec panel you refer too is a conventional panel as opposed to an analogue panel.
There are many detector manufacture’s products compatible with this panel.
A reliable brand easily obtainable from trade outlets is the Apollo series 65 range.
Each area that requires a detector must be assessed for the correct model/required function. Failure to do so may lead to false alarms and the standards not being met.
You should employ a fire alarm specialist to ensure the design is done correctly. Your posting indicates that your electrician may be able to install, but can he install correctly to the standards required? But, is not competent to design or even know where to go to purchase said items.
Get it wrong and you will most likely invalidate your insurances. Let alone being approved by building control / environmental health of the local authority!... Read More

John Dunt

10:14 AM, 18th November 2017, About 5 years ago

Tradesman sends invoice 6 months late - I have no recollection of job?

I am in the business of Fire Alarm and thus I deal with many landlords.
I would ask the following questions:
1) Was a quote/estimate for the works provided?
2) Was a signed acceptance of quote/estimate given?
3) Was an agreed start date given?
4) Was a jobsheet signed on the start/access to the property works in question?
5) Was, on completion of works the jobsheet signed off as completed by both the trades’ person and yourself/representative.
And, thus copies of each document are held by each party!
The above are always carried out by my business and this provides a paper trail that is un-refutable and stands up in court if necessary.(I have proved that) It also ensures you have the documentation to back-up things when there are queries that require answering by either parties.
Do you have any documentation reference to the advised works?
If you have none of the above then there is doubt that the job existed.
Can the trades person produce any/all/some of the above. The last two items will/would be the most important documents to verify that the works were indeed carried out
If you do not have such a paper trail, then put one in place for the future!... Read More

John Dunt

10:11 AM, 14th November 2015, About 7 years ago

Fire risk assessment templates - what do you use?

Go look on your local fire service web site under fire precautions. Most have an excellent template that you can download. If the building is complex best employ a specialist as they also look at building materials as well as normal fire precautions, ie escapes, fire alarm, emergency lighting and doors to name a few items.... Read More

John Dunt

13:39 PM, 3rd September 2015, About 7 years ago

Wireless smoke detectors

A useful document issued by the "Fire Industry Association" - Fact File 72 just issued August 3rd, advises on the latest regs for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations
Go to and search for fact File 72.

If unable to find, email me and I will send a copy. Read More

John Dunt

12:14 PM, 29th August 2015, About 7 years ago

Wireless smoke detectors

Having read the various posts on this topic I would like to clarify a few points.
BS5266 is the British Standard for emergency lighting.
BS5839 is the British Standard for fire alarm of which there are many sections. The standard for sleeping accommodation is BS5839 Pt 6 2013, this also refers back to various parts of BS5839 pt 1 2013.
The relevant part of pt6 2013 is dependent on what type of property and size of building and the nature of occupancy. It is not just a case of battery, mains and or wireless connections!
Documents obtained from BSI for a price.
LACORS documents are the document often used by the local authorities (many other gov sites have links and useful info

The most important documents are the “Regularity Reform Fire Order” RRO - which also has many parts depending on what area one requires as to which document is selected. There is one specific to sleeping accommodation.

Hope this will help. Be careful, it’s a mine field and many council chaps do not know the subject well and give you their interpretation. Often best to consult with your local Fire Prevention Officer at the Fire Brigade.

Important to note: Electricians know and understand electrical regulations, most do not know the regs pertaining to fire alarm BS standards and types and levels of protection etc, but can fix and connect.... Read More