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Mike T

11:34 AM, 4th March 2021
About a month ago

Tenants using roof space as storage without permission?

Reply to the comment left by Bob G at 04/03/2021 - 11:08
I'm sure that's a good idea* Bob. Serve them a section 21, wait 6 months, the consider the cost of going forward with legal process . In the meantime they decide 'nickers to the landlord' we'll just stop paying the rent.
Good idea * I think not ! . The OP has already stated that nothing about the attic was put in the tenancy agreement. Obviously the tenant has unrestricted access to the attic so it's reasonable to assume he /she has the use of it. If it had been considered by the landlord prior to granting a tenancy he should have made it clear and also put a security lock on the access hatch.... Read More

Mike T

20:39 PM, 2nd February 2021
About 2 months ago

Government forcing landlords to house non-paying tenants for lengthy periods

Following the article from Dr Rosalind Beck I wrote to my MP using some of the details from the article. I personalized / edited it to reflect my circumstances and location. (With grateful acknowledgements to Dr R Beck)
My MP replied saying he will pass on my concerns to the Housing Minister.
Now 4 months later he has at last had a response from the 'new' housing minister. If anyone can see more than an odd mention of landlords or any help being available - please let me know.
I reproduce it here;

Eddie Hughes MP
Minister for Rough Sleeping and Housing
Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local
Fry Building
2 Marsham Street
Email: eddie.hughes@communities.gov.uk
Our Ref: 9493385
Your ref: KF15743
29 January 2021
Dear Kevin,
Thank you for your letter dated 13 October on behalf of your constituents, about the
extension of the eviction ban and notice periods. I have been asked to reply. Please accept
my apologies for the severe delay in doing so. As you may know the Prime Minister
appointed me to this role on 16 January and I am very keen to address the issues
surrounding the private rented sector during the Pandemic.
I am sorry to hear about the concerns your constituents have raised, and I do recognise the
important role that private landlords play in providing homes to millions of people around the
country. The Government has recognised the importance of protecting renters during the
Coronavirus period and it has put in place unprecedented measures to support renters
throughout the Pandemic.
We have been clear that tenants who are able to do so must continue to pay their rent.
Tenants who are unable to do so should speak to their landlord at the earliest opportunity. An
early conversation between landlord and tenant can help both parties to agree a plan. Where
possible and appropriate, we would encourage landlords and tenants to consider alternative
dispute resolution such as mediation to reach a mutually acceptable agreement to resolve
their dispute, without the matter needing to go to court. Where cases are brought to court,
mediation can still play a part, with duty solicitors and other legal professionals on hand to
help support the parties reach resolution without the need for a full hearing.
The Government is also putting in place an unprecedented financial package which supports
renters and ensures that they can continue to afford their housing costs. This includes
support for businesses to pay staff salaries through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme,
which has now been extended until the end of April 2021. We have also introduced a
substantial package of measures in 2020/21 to help those who are facing financial disruption
during the current situation. This includes an extra £1 billion to increase Local Housing
Allowance rates so that they cover the lowest 30% of market rents.
Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates will be maintained at their increased level throughout
2021/22, meaning claimants renting in the private rented sector will continue to benefit from
the significant increase in rates applied in April 2020, and even in areas where rents have
reduced, and the 30th percentile level has gone down, LHA rates will remain at this higher
level. For those who require additional support, Discretionary Housing Payments are
available. As announced at the spending round for 2020/21 there is already £180 million for
local councils to distribute in Discretionary Housing Payments for supporting renters with
housing costs in the private and social rented sectors.

Anyone worried about losing their home and not having anywhere else to go should speak to
their local council, which has a duty in law to help prevent homelessness.
Guidance to support landlords and tenants in the social and private rented sectors to
understand the possession action process and new rules within the court system in England
and Wales is available here:
Regularly updated guidance for landlords, tenants and local authorities, relating to private
and social rented properties, is available here:
Thank you for writing to me on this important matter.
Yours ever,

Mike T

23:22 PM, 1st February 2021
About 2 months ago

Wrongly given lodger agreement instead of AST?

You might have to eat humble pie here and just let her stay put until she wants to leave. Goodness knows how you stand legally on how to evict her.. Your 'no visitors' clause could be deemed 'unreasonable'. . If she has been with you just a short time I'd consider offering to refund her the rent she's paid if she just goes quietly .... Read More

Mike T

13:30 PM, 5th January 2021
About 3 months ago

Deposit issue - paid 2004?

Reply to the comment left by Neil Patterson at 04/01/2021 - 15:00
Hi Neil,
the post by Reluctant landlord seems to suggest that it's he that was seeking to increase the deposit that was originally taken. Therefore, as others have already suggested, best advice may be either (a) Do nothing. or (b) Pay the deposit back to the tenant. ensuring that you get a proper , witnessed , receipt that you can attach to the tenants (and your) existing agreement. How does that sound ?... Read More

Mike T

11:14 AM, 29th December 2020
About 3 months ago

Property turned out to be a Granny Flat?

I thought that estate agents had a duty to check that the the title was good before marketing a property - or is that not the case ?... Read More