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Mike T

19:17 PM, 17th January 2019
About 8 hours ago

BEST PRACTICE - letter template to go with eviction notices

Reply to the comment left by MasterG at 17/01/2019 - 09:48
Its a great pity that all that information and guidance is largely ignored by local authorities and furthermore the Judges that make the situation even worse with their unbelievable judgements which together lead to it taking at least 7 months to repossess a property using the miss-named Accelerated process i.e Section 21..
This sad outcome is costing Landlords £1,000 's and leading landlords to leave the PRS and others to not take on Housing benefit applicants (or at least those without a home-owner guarantor)... Read More

Mike T

9:37 AM, 16th January 2019
About 2 days ago

HS2 Compulsory Purchase - Have you received your payment?

'They went against their word' : 'Didn't even get the price they promise us' : '3 months from sale (completion ?) and no payment'
Something really wrong here, surely completion should only happen when cleared funds are made available ?? You did use a solicitor- didn't you ?
I think that the buyer would normally be liable to pay interest if payment is delayed . Sounds like a bit of a mess. Hope you can get it sorted.... Read More

Mike T

11:38 AM, 31st December 2018
About 3 weeks ago

UNFIT - Fitness For Human Habitation Act 2018

Wow ! Thats a good start to the New Year.
Seriously, what can we as 'good' landlords do to make sure we don't suffer any problems with this ?
I would suggest that, as usual, we keep a regular eye on our properties. respond in writing to any issues raised by our tenants and get the remedial work carried out promptly. I guess the question most of us face is the 'damp, mould' issue. Various ways to tackle this. Advising use of ventilation, not drying clothes on radiators etc. etc. Also it seems that some councils have a booklet on the subject that is available (they give this to their own tenants). I'm sure there are many other suggestions . How about at regular check visits we get our tenants to sign to the effect that they are happy with the condition of the property.. ?
Happy New Year !... Read More

Mike T

20:18 PM, 20th December 2018
About 4 weeks ago

CGT on Compulsory Purchase Order sale?

Reply to the comment left by Yvette Newbury at 20/12/2018 - 12:17
Also be aware that HMRC require you to notify them within a certain time (can't remember whether if it's 30 days ! - do check it out quickly. I was unaware and by the time I knew of it I was to late - got 'fined' a £100 for late notification)... Read More

Mike T

22:53 PM, 6th December 2018
About a month ago

Definite need for a Housing Court

My recent experience with County Court and C.C Judges: Last year I gave tenants 3 months notice to terminate the tenancy (section 21) due to the mortgage term coming to it's end and that the house would have to be sold. The tenants started to look for alternative accommodation but could not find anything they could afford. The local authority (housing dept.) were not helpful. Shelter gave advice : 'Stay put until evicted' So, at the end of the notice period I had no option but to seek a repossession order. This the C.C granted. However the tenants appealed and got a postponement of 3 weeks. They failed to move out on the revised court odered date . Eviction by C.C bailiff was requested and eventually set for some 5 weeks later !
With the tenants now gone I sought to get the recover the rent arrears, incurred during the previous 5 months, of some £1,800 . The tenant had always paid on time in previous years and had said he would bring payments up to date as soon as he could after moving out - but of course he didn't.
The tents admitted the arrears in their defence statement to the court and offered to pay £15 per month. I rejected this on the grounds that now that they had moved into social housing accommodation and given the court details of their income and expenditure which now showed that ALL their rent was met by the housing Benefit they were now £60 month better off, furthermore at the rate they wanted to pay I would be in my late 80's before the debt was paid. So I suggested that this figure would be more appropriate .
Having admitted the amount owing they added that the withheld the rent as they felt that they had added value to my property. HOW ? By having a new boiler fitted under the 'green deal' where anyone in receipt of child benefit (that they got) qualified for one F.O.C. Total cost to Tenant = £ ZERO . Total cost to landlord (me) £560 for extra costs for pipework and flue alterations etc.
How they could think that they had added value is beyond me particularly as the boiler was installed some 5 years ago !
The Judge dismissed the case stating that the arrears of £1,800 "would be waived in return for the new boiler" ..................What ?
So my view, after the 7 months it took to get the tenants out plus the waste of time pursuing justice, on the likes of Shelter, local authorities, County Courts and C.C Judges..... well words fail me.
Time indeed for a better, speedier & fairer system.... Read More