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Wednesday 29th July 2015

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Lisa Orme

22:15 PM, 29th July 2015, About 7 years ago

Summer Budget 2015 - Landlords Reactions

Sorry but I think this is a mistake and I have asked Ruhal to retain his petition.

The proposed new wording is too emotive and if you try to garner support by relating it to tenants I think it will backfire even if it's true.

We should not be ashamed to be landlords and to put our own cause forward. This tax change is wrong for many reasons and Ruhal's petition stated a simple fact.

I'd also add its garnered nearly 1000 signatures and I've had loads of sign ups tonight and loads of Favebook shares.

Let's not dilute this.... Read More

Lisa Orme

22:19 PM, 29th February 2012, About 10 years ago

The Most Powerful Property an Investor Can Own Is...

Hi Paul, you are quite right and I was one of the first people
to highlight this potential change in legislation. My gut tells me it will
never happen but having seem some of the utterly ridiculous legislation introduced
by the EU I wouldn’t be surprised if it was either! The EU MUST recognise that
we have a completely different rental market to that in Europe, I also believe
that the Govt won’t allow it for two reasons 1) too many MPs invest in property
and 2) the Govt desperately needs the private rental sector. There are several petitions
online to sign against it just in case. KR, Lisa... Read More

Lisa Orme

22:14 PM, 29th February 2012, About 10 years ago

The Most Powerful Property an Investor Can Own Is...

Hi PM, the 6 month rule is more complicated than it first
seems. It isn’t a rule for one; it’s just part of the CML guidelines that the
lender be informed if the seller has owned the property for less than 6 months.
Lenders then decide whether to proceed or not. It’s fairly clear cut with a buy
to let buyer but in residential it’s a little more haphazard. It does need
consideration but is by no means a certainty. I’d also add that I would always
caveat to anyone to allow 9-12 months bridging on any deal and if the deal
doesn’t work on that basis find a better deal! KR, Lisa... Read More

Lisa Orme

8:11 AM, 9th June 2011, About 11 years ago

Looking for businesses offering services to landlords to test our Directory.

I would be interested in trialling your service and system please Mark.

Kind regards, Lisa


Keys (UK) Limited have been in the property business for 10 years, as buy to let specialist mortgage brokers we assist new and established landlords with their property portfolio ambitions.

We don’t just process mortgages we offer a complete advisory service from assisting landlords with designing their buy to let strategy through to acquisition and also planning for disposal including protecting their assets and their families.

Keys can arrange all types of buy to let and residential mortgages and remortgages, bridging finance, commercial and secured loans and all aspects of insurance and protection including a specially designed landlord’s insurance policy.

Lisa’s speciality is problem solving so if other brokers have said no then try us; you might be surprised as one client recently found out; "I went to four brokers before I came to you and they all said no yet you seem to have made it look so easy!"

As a well known and respected serial buy to let landlord and property developer Lisa Orme uses her skills to help her clients realise their property ownership dreams whether that be acquiring a single buy to let property to provide a nest egg in retirement or building a substantial portfolio or simply purchasing a new home. Lisa has clients all over the world so it doesn’t matter where you are geographically or financially you can be confident Lisa can assist you with your property goals.... Read More