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Isabel Dove

15:38 PM, 17th July 2017
About 4 years ago

Deposit retained by tenant find only agent?

Hi Adrian
If they have the deposit protected in the custodial scheme operated by the DPS, they can easily transfer this deposit to you in an account set up with the same scheme in your name.
Please ensure they have issued the prescribed information and that they did it originally within 30 days of the tenancy commencing.
The control and release of the deposit will then be with you. Visit to set up an account in your name. You will then have your Registration ID number for them to use to transfer the deposit.
I hope you get it sorted quickly.
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Isabel Dove

16:42 PM, 18th September 2015
About 6 years ago

Government funded carbon monoxide detectors?

At present CO2 detectors required for solid fuel burning appliances. Recommended for gas appliances, but not included at present. I agree, the chances are it will be brought in at a later date and what price safety?
If you have an ASDA store near you, you maybe able to get KIDDE CO2 detector for £8, usually £12+. Not available at all branches... Read More