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  • Vandalism of Period Features

    2017-01-11 10:39:13

    Why not advertise it before you start work and then ask prospective tenants what they would like. I have done that a couple of times, as tenants usually have to give a months notice and love it if they can have a say on decor etc. Doesn't cost anything to advertise early but could save a fortune

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  • Will marriage cost me a lump of my pension investment?

    2016-10-12 08:28:08

    I remember a while back somebody saying that you van now get equity release on btl properties. Is that product still about if so could it ne used to pay off the mortgage.

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  • Got it spectacularly wrong – Do your searches!

    2016-03-21 14:11:55

    Hi Gary, Thank you for your reply. Yes I used a solicitor but only for basic searches so I thought it's my own stupid fault but from other comments on a separate post I think I may be able to contact them as estate agent should have done searches and vendor should have declared it so will see wha

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  • I have got stuck with an illegal loft conversion?

    2016-03-21 12:53:30

    Reply to the comment left by "Jerry Stone" at "21/03/2016 - 12:37": Thankyou, we are having to get fire doors etc as the building has now been classifies as an HMO so th

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  • I have got stuck with an illegal loft conversion?

    2016-03-21 12:32:58

    Hi Kevin. I have a similar problem . I bought a 3 bed flat but when I went to morgage it this year found out on the plans it's a one bed and no landlord permission or building regs. My solicitor has suggested I get landlords permission first then when I go to sell there is an insurance against ther

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