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Paul Halama

15:39 PM, 17th October 2016
About 4 years ago

What is Section 24 and Why Was Permission For A Judicial Review Declined?

Not wishing to criticise the commendable efforts of campaigners so far but am I alone in thinking that the slogan of "Axe the Tenant Tax" might be received by the casual observer as a little disingenuous. We are all aware that landlords generally take a sympathetic position when considering tenants and apply a commercially pragmatic stance when it comes to raising rents (better a devil you know...and all that) but making the main thrust of the campaign as a stand to protect tenants seems to me to be an extremely difficult sell in the media and has the danger that we can easily be portrayed as the greedy self-serving landlords pretending to be worried about the tenants - but really - just whingeing about having to pay tax.

Far better I think, especially now that we have had a change of order, to focus on a factual, honest and direct approach to the politicians and the vested business groups, headlining the real legal and policy inequities of section 24 expressed by Mark Alexander and Mr Fickling - that will also - by the way - have huge unintended consequences for tenants.... Read More