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Lewis Hardwick

11:49 AM, 1st June 2016, About 5 years ago

Drunken neighbour harassing threatening and frightening off my tenants!

Is there not anything in the lease that could see him kicked out?... Read More

Lewis Hardwick

11:50 AM, 15th March 2016, About 6 years ago

Tenants causing condensation and won't clean flat before leaving

As a tenant in a similar age property, it irks me when landlords say it's a 'lifestyle' issue... Boiling pans of water and drying clothes on the radiators are hardly heinous crimes and are pretty normal for almost all people who wish to eat and wear clean clothes.

I am by no means advocating this particular tenants lack of responsibility. As a 'good' tenant I have moisture traps on every window sill and try to ensure that the windows are left on the 'second latch' during to the day to aid ventilation. However with restrictive clauses in tenancy agreements which strictly forbid clothes airers on a balcony and no room for a condensing tumble dryer, I do still get damp and condensation.

I'd be inclined to tell them to clean it up or expect a significant deduction from their deposit. Though do expect the paint underneath to look a mess as emulsion is shockingly poor these days!... Read More

Lewis Hardwick

14:43 PM, 25th February 2016, About 6 years ago

Multiple internet accounts in an HMO?

As already mentioned, if the Internet is provided via the telephone line, an additional service cannot be provided via this line, an additional line would need to be installed. This should deter any tenant as it will be in the £100's to install.

Your average ISP provided router is built to be cheap and cheerful (even the BT HomeHub!) all it takes is one tenant to fire up YouTube, Netflix etc and everyone suffers.

You may well find replacing the router with something designed to be more customisable and to throttle certain types of service (streaming, downloading etc). No need to go nuts, but just enough to ease the pain on other users.... Read More

Lewis Hardwick

13:38 PM, 26th October 2015, About 6 years ago

Prepayment gas meter faults - tenant's or agency/landlord's responsibility?

Gas meters should remain property of the energy supplier (EDF, npower, British Gas etc). Any issues with the meter seemingly not providing gas should be raised with them. I would expect a competent agency to know this and provide assistance accordingly.

The gas safety certificate is an issue. I assume that the property is managed by the agent, so I would get in touch as it should be provided when you move in. If they make excuses, tell them you will have to report it to the HSE and also let your landlord know. I believe the landlord is liable and they will not be pleased if their agent (who will be charging them a small fortune) is leaving them exposed to legal action.... Read More

Lewis Hardwick

10:41 AM, 17th September 2015, About 6 years ago

Can I sublet on Airbnb as a tenant without permission


As a tenant my AST is very clear about not allowing paying guests to stay at the property. I would expect yours to have something similar.

If I were a landlord, I would not be impressed with the actions of a tenant listing a property on AirBnB without my permission. You are effectively allowing someone who has had no background checks credited out on them, into the property. I doubt any landlord insurance would cover the potential problems that could arise.... Read More