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Aramis Le Chien

15:58 PM, 9th May 2016, About 6 years ago

Let down badly by letting agents

I, too found myself in the position you now find yourself in. So appalled was I by the state of my property once access to it was achieved I resolved not to allow the Lettings Agent to get away with it. Thankfully, I found a brilliant new agent who on gaining entry took numerous photos of the condition in which the property was left and then took pictures once full works were completed. I took the agents to court via the small claims court and was able to get some recompense this way. It is a relatively straightforward process, but learn from my error, I tried to get rent arrears reimbursed in addition to renovation costs and what the Judge herself said I should have asked for was a refund of their agency fees and this she said she would have looked at positively. I don't know the cost in terms of pounds you have lost but the small claims court will allow a claim of up to £10K. If you are successful then the Judge can also award you costs so your court fees will be refunded. In my case I live abroad and she ordered the Lettings Agency to pay these costs too. The other factors with regard to my being reimbursed were my diary entries, I made detailed notes of who at the agency I had spoken to and what they said they would do and was able to illustrate that they rarely did what they said they would and don't get me started on inspections! Non existent!! Permitted dogs to be kept at property, then said the state of the house was my fault as the property didn't attract the right sort of tenant!!!! Although they happily charged me a finders fee and other such fees! Altogether a horrid experience but one that had a positive outcome in that I now have the best Letting Agent in the world! I don't know where you are located but if you would like her details I will happily provide them as I cannot praise her and her Team highly enough as they provide simply a fantastic service.... Read More