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What to do when taking on a benefits tenant?

Thank you everyone for you comments and advice. It's a tricky one really as some properties are sticking simply due to benefit tenants not being able to provide guarantors at all !! It's like the chap said above he had a house empty for 7 months !! If the rent was £500 pcm then that's a £3500 loss already trying to hold out for a benefit tenant to get a guarantor. I may just have to take the risk an consider getting a larger deposit if possible on some properties but monitor them more closely. I know soon we won't be able to take deposits more than the equivalent to one months rent so that may put a spanner in the works.... Read More

The Property Man

3 months ago
The extraordinary developments at Liverpool city Council

I am a Landlord in Liverpool and i own properties also in surrounding areas and i must tell you that Liverpool are the worst council i have ever dealt with. They are just a gang of bullies. I would love to be a fly on the wall and see what goes on behind the scenes at the pathetic council offices !! Liverpool City Council really need to realise that they need us Landlords but more and more of us are moving away from the sector as everyone is against us at the minute.... Read More

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4 months ago
Liverpool keep issuing the licence to my bank?

Hi Mike I will be keeping these Liceses for evidence in the future. Just shows how ruthless the council can be when you look at your situation!! Larry thank you also for your comment and yes you are so right it is ridiculous that if I had not corrected the council they would be pursuing the bank for inspections etc this council really is a joke they haven't got a clue !!... Read More

The Property Man

6 months ago
Letter to Gavin Barwell Housing Minister

Well done Ros and Layla !! I to am writing to this idiot !! This county is run by a gang of idiots !... Read More

The Property Man

7 months ago
Vandalism of Period Features

Honestly i would rip it out and put in a modern bathroom. It will appeal to a lot more tenants and the house will rent out faster. You will be able to increase the rent slightly also if you have just had a new bathroom suite put in so in the long run the bathroom will pay for itself. You've got to spend money to make money in this game. Good Luck !!... Read More