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Stephen Costello

12:16 PM, 18th April 2019
About 4 days ago

Section 21 - Emergency meeting and joint delegation

Annie Landlord - Don’t you think we have enough people against us ? Let’s not turn on each other !... Read More

Stephen Costello

9:55 AM, 20th November 2018
About 5 months ago

We need to wake up and smell the coffee!

I spend a fortune in B&Q an will be writing to head office about this and letting them know they will loose alot of custom if they continue to support shelter !!... Read More

Stephen Costello

12:22 PM, 29th September 2018
About 7 months ago

Stephen Costello

9:40 AM, 24th May 2018
About 11 months ago

Electric shower or combi fed shower in a tenanted property?

Electric shower all the way, if the boiler breaks down then the tenant has no hot water. At least with an electric shower they still have hot water so the tenant isn’t on the phone ever 2 minutes for an update on the boiler part that has been ordered!! The only down side is the initial cost to get one installed.... Read More

Stephen Costello

11:21 AM, 6th April 2018
About A year ago

Ex tenant trying to sue me for personal injuries!

Hi Martin or maybe them proving that it did happen ? I forgot to mention none of them attended hospital or a walk inn centre or even attended their doctors. It’s says none of them have been see by a medic !... Read More