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The Property Man

10:31 AM, 24th July 2021, About 2 months ago

Should I proceed with offering a tenancy agreement?

Reply to the comment left by Clint at 23/07/2021 - 14:03What happens if they don’t pay after 12 months when the rent runs out ?
I have had lovely tenants who I have given a chance to and they have payed upfront for a year, then stopped paying when the rent runs out.
Most tenants are lovely tenants when they are desperate to move into your property.
Landlords who have been through this situation already are probably the hesitant ones offering their opinion and advice.... Read More

The Property Man

12:42 PM, 23rd July 2021, About 2 months ago

Should I proceed with offering a tenancy agreement?

A tenant who pays 6 months or 12 months in advance doesn’t really mean nothing in my opinion as you are just prolonging a problem for in 6 to 12 months time.

I have taken tenants on it the past who have paid 12 months upfront then they stopped paying after the 12 months and I had to evict them.... Read More

The Property Man

10:50 AM, 21st May 2021, About 4 months ago

EICRs From Hell?

Hi Mike,

Let’s keep this plain and simple for you, we own a large portfolio and we haven’t had any problems like this as most have past just paying the fee for the certificate, and we own all different types of houses and different ages.

Don’t get me wrong some have required a little work but not at the expense you are paying and it sounds like your electricians prices are way to high.

I would 100% ditch the electrician and look for a new one who will be fair with his prices and honest with you.

There are a lot of electricians putting up prices at the minute due to demand so just shop around a little and you will find a good electrician out there who is honest and fair with you.

These electricians who are charging way to high at the minute will run out of work one day as it’s the fair electricians who will have Repeat work from clients.... Read More

The Property Man

9:07 AM, 27th March 2021, About 6 months ago

Do I have a right to know who lives in my house?

That is total rubbish, you have the right by law to know who your tenants are as they are YOUR TENANTS and not the agents, in fact you have more of a right to know who they are than the agent !!

I has the similar situation with an agent and quickly found out from the NRLA and various other organisations they this was total rubbish.

You won’t believe how many agents actually are not clued up on law and get things wrong.

There is to many pieces of legislation for letting a property now that I no longer risk agents managing mine anymore as there are too many issues for them to get wrong and ultimately the book lies with the landlord !!

May I add, not all agents are the same and there are some good ones, but not many in my experience.... Read More

The Property Man

11:43 AM, 19th February 2021, About 7 months ago