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The Property Man

9:22 AM, 19th July 2019
About 6 months ago

Insurance loophole - illegal activities

I yesterday on a routine inspection found one of my properties being used as a cannabis farm and just about to go full scale !!

The tenant was nearly 50 years old and a gentleman who passed all his credit checks and has a homeowner guarantor who also works full time and passed all her credit checks.

I would never of guessed he was the type to do this but it just shows you must inspect your properties!!!

The guarantor will now be hit with a hefty bill !... Read More

The Property Man

9:41 AM, 14th June 2019
About 7 months ago

Shelter ask for Landlords views

We ALL need to complete this, is doesn’t take long at all. I also left my details for them to contact me if they need to and I welcome them to contact me so I can tell them what a Landlord really goes through and how the job Is anything but a walk in the park !! Hopefully shelter may start to understand us and look at us differently, but I won’t hold my breath 🤞... Read More

The Property Man

7:58 AM, 11th June 2019
About 7 months ago

A Sunseeker Day On Malta’s Sam-K

Sounds like the most perfect day out 👌. I’ve been to Malta before and absolutely loved the place, I think I would love it even more sailing around in luxury like that. Hope you both had a great day !!... Read More

The Property Man

12:16 PM, 18th April 2019
About 9 months ago

Section 21 - Emergency meeting and joint delegation

Annie Landlord - Don’t you think we have enough people against us ? Let’s not turn on each other !... Read More

The Property Man

9:55 AM, 20th November 2018
About A year ago

We need to wake up and smell the coffee!

I spend a fortune in B&Q an will be writing to head office about this and letting them know they will loose alot of custom if they continue to support shelter !!... Read More