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Friday 6th March 2015

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Alice Ambrose

15:27 PM, 6th March 2015, About 7 years ago

No deposit protection as helping out friends!

Reply to the comment left by "Neil Patterson" at "06/03/2015 - 15:16":


I physically do not have the money, at the moment I am falling into £700 a month arrears unless I borrow, borrow, borrow until they are out and I finally sell.

They have refused entry for some of the estate agent viewings and the house was not presented well when it first went on the market so there is no interest. Very much stuck until I find money from a money tree otherwise I would happily pay for a legal whiz to tie them up in knots and punish them for this despicable behaviour. They know I have two young children to feed.... Read More

Alice Ambrose

15:19 PM, 6th March 2015, About 7 years ago

No deposit protection as helping out friends!

First page of contract main terms point 3.

The tenant shall pay x amount as deposit upon receipt of keys for x property.
This deposit shall be deducted from final rent payment, subject to the possible deductions set out in this agreement.

the tenant hereby confirms that:

a i) the deposit been paid by the tenant and not a third party.
ii) not relevant

b) he has the authority to enter into negotiations in order to agree the settlement of the deposit at the end of the tenancy and any monies due may be repaid to him. unless otherwise advised in writing that the deposit or any balance of the deposit should be paid to another party.... Read More

Alice Ambrose

14:50 PM, 6th March 2015, About 7 years ago

No deposit protection as helping out friends!

Sorry couldn't reply earlier.

Okay so I don't have the deposit money to give them back as well, 3 months rent arrears I don't have any income to pay it back to them. They literally 5 days after I gave birth when rent was due refused to pay another penny. Their rent pays my mortgage etc there and my living costs where I am now.

The contract stated that the deposit can be deducted from the final rent. I can type the exact wording from the contract but the contract was one that has come from a major estate agent as it is a mirror image of our contract but we just edited the deposit area.

I have been left living on just child benefit with two young children that aren't cheap when it comes to formula and nappies, and have been unable to pay for anything due to the refusal of paying rent. I can't afford a solicitor. They are due to leave end of month and I don't want to rock the boat until they are out as I did read that without using the scheme it is harder to get them out. I have had to borrow the mortgage payment money for that property!!

There is a messaging trail that can show their complete refusal to pay another penny as they are angry that they can't stay there. And they have refused 3 months rent from notice and they are saving for a deposit elsewhere, but they are going to stay at his aunt's house. They have had 2 x 6 month contracts. They are leaving after 50 weeks I think it is.

They have made false allegations/threats, my mortgage has consent to let and I have British Gas insurance so of course have a safety certificate they were there when BG came out, they have tried saying I have neither, someone has given them dud advice but other than saying the deposit was illegal, even though this was agreed by both sides, that is all they have said.

I am hoping that I can have enough info that if they kick up a stink once they are out I can say, you breached all these conditions listed, but if you want to go to court then I will counter claim against you. They have posted threats on Facebook after they had to clean the house for the estate agent to come round. The house was immaculate when they moved in, 2 month old carpets, all freshly papered and painted walls and it is disgusting now, the furniture that was expensive is heavily damaged and they have sold 3 items that I am aware and cut supply cables into the property without consent.

I even thought as money is an issue the sheer embarrassment of being dragged on to somewhere like Judge Rinder might be enough to get them to back of. I don't care about the rent or damage anymore I just want my house back with them not being able to get their deposit back. What I am owed far outweighs this.... Read More