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Gina Blomefield

11:01 AM, 14th April 2014, About 7 years ago

Safety laws should be applied to ALL property owners

I have always thought that all properties who have gas should have an annual inspection and boiler servicing when required - anything which is a 'machine' needs maintenance and these combi boilers in particular tend to be delicate beasts who need some TLC from time to time.

I have two flats in the same building where the freeholder, Wandsworth Council, changed the heating and hot water system from a large boiler for the whole block to individual combi boilers for each flat. As my properties are rented out they have benefitted from the annual gas inspection - so far I have had a huge problem in one boiler flue with condense deposits after five years which would not have been evident to a resident but could have been very dangerous and in the other flat the valves kept leaking so the whole boiler has been overhauled. However any resident leaseholder in the same block would not necessarily have had any checks done. I have alerted Wandsworth Council to this saying that perhaps they should at least advise everyone in the block to check their gas installations for the safety of everyone and it should be, of course, in the interests of the freeholder.... Read More

Gina Blomefield

15:06 PM, 13th December 2013, About 8 years ago

Tis the season of goodwill

OK so it is a sentimental, US feel good story but there is a kernel of truth and perhaps we should curtail our naturally cynically responses every now and again especially at this time of the year ......?... Read More

Gina Blomefield

10:45 AM, 24th November 2013, About 8 years ago

Capital Gains Tax Mitigation Question

Another possibility to consider is putting the ownership of the property with your wife as tenants in common rather than joint owners. This gives more flexibility - you can be 50:50 owners or 20:80 and it is easy to change at any point with some straightforward legal documentation in the future if that could be more beneficial from a tax point of view.... Read More

Gina Blomefield

22:56 PM, 27th September 2013, About 8 years ago

Alternative to licensing/accreditation? Bad landlords, look away now!

As Kirsty was excluding London where my properties are based I rather dropped out of this debate but have read everyone's comments and opinions with interest. Sadly Kirsty I would back Yvonne's position - this star rating is for the good guys who really should not need it if they are letting good properties at fair rents.

What is needed is a system to get the bad landlords who often have the most vulnerable tenants to improve their standards. I know local authorities feel they do not have enough money and resources to check housing provided to people on housing benefit but something should be done since much of the rent given to these rogue landlords comes direct from the taxpayer so the state has a responsibility. The rent officer sounds a lot more useful than many of the 'elf and safety team who seem to proliferate at will.... Read More

Gina Blomefield

20:50 PM, 26th September 2013, About 8 years ago

Tenant information requested by freehold managing agents

Regarding these fees from management companies to leaseholders who let their properties out on ASTs I think £25 or £30 could be deemed reasonable. The freeholder after all is responsible for the building overall and knowing who is living there could be important but NOT their financial status.

HOWEVER I think many managing agents take leaseholders for a complete ride as they charge extortionate amounts for sometimes unnecessary work and more often than not get a kickback from the contractor as well as taking a 10% fee for managing the project.

Most of my properties are ex-council and so far I have had one request from a council who is both freeholder and managing agent to give details of current tenants plus a fee which I think was £30 - not at home so cannot immediately check on my computer. I think we will see it creeping in - everyone loves bureaucracy if they can make a buck out of it.... Read More