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Shirley Harvey

9:50 AM, 22nd September 2020
About 4 months ago

Claiming costs of works from freeholder?

I had exactly the same situation as you, being the leaseholder with the freeholder living in the downstairs flat (who were obstructive at every turn with anything to do with my property), with a 50/50 split of any repairs. Our roof was in the same condition as yours. I obtained quotes, the freeholder eventually agreed to the repairs (after several threats of legal action). However, when the roofers turned up to do the repairs, they allowed the actual roofing ones, but refused to allow vents to be placed on the outside walls at ground level (I had damp in my flat from the chimney breast they had blocked up downstairs so no air could circulate). I engaged a solicitor and ended up spending nearly £4000 in legal fees trying to get them to agree to the remaining work being done. They then stopped communicating with my solicitor altogether. I claimed against them using MCOL and when it went to court, the judge found in their favour as they were Polish and made out they couldn't understand English (which was complete rubbish). He said there was nothing in the lease that showed I had the right to claim back legal fees from them and that I should have been more reasonable dealing with them because of their language difficulties! After the hearing, the freeholders wrote to me agreeing to the vents being installed - I couldn't believe the cheek of them. Luckily I sold the flat shortly afterwards and the purchaser was fully aware of the difficulties with the freeholder, but was happy to take that on. Never again would I purchase a leasehold property.... Read More

Shirley Harvey

18:53 PM, 1st May 2018
About 3 years ago

Two Air Bricks cost me over £4000!

Reply to the comment left by Ian Cognito at 01/05/2018 - 13:03
Thank you both for your comments. I will most certainly do as you suggest Ian... Read More

Shirley Harvey

20:45 PM, 28th December 2017
About 3 years ago

Jeremy Corbyn wants to scrap 'No Fault' evictions in England and Wales

I have always said it started going wrong when tenants were handed their housing benefit, leaving landlords anxiously waiting to receive their monthly rent. Also, why do local authorities not insist that their tenants downsize accordingly once their families reduce as the children leave home? Forget bedroom tax. Make a couple or single person move into a 1 bedroom, thus freeing up their 3 bedroom house for a family that actually needs it... Read More

Shirley Harvey

18:34 PM, 23rd November 2017
About 3 years ago

Lease Extension - Nightmare Freeholder

Hi Jay,
The situation got worse! I got damp in my flat because the FH refused to allow repairs to the chimney breasts in their property (mine is 1st floor, they are below me) so had to remove from the market. I tried the pre-action protocol, but they failed to respond, so I had to involve a solicitor (total cost £3.5k) and am now taking them to small claims court to try and re-coup costs. Therefore didn't have the money needed for lease extension, so continued to rent out but now work has finally been done, I will put back on the market again. Lease is now only 74 years so I will have to accept a reduced offer probably and the new owners can take that one on.... Read More

Shirley Harvey

15:41 PM, 23rd November 2017
About 3 years ago

The Budget announced Universal Credit changes

My daughter had the misfortune to lose her job and applied for UC. She was told the waiting time was 6 weeks. She had very little savings so she was unable to eat, pay her rent or her mobile phone bill (which she needed wifi for to look for jobs). She was offered 1 voucher for the food bank (which she gratefully used). Her application for an emergency payment was refused (apparently the threat of eviction from the mobile caravan park she lived on was "not their issue") and it wasn't until I wrote to her MP, in Hertfordshire, for help that she finally got a payment after 4 weeks. The worst of it was that she then received a "sanction" of no money because she couldn't prove she had been searching for work for up to 7 hours each day and they deducted 1 weeks payment for that. She tried explaining that she hadn't been able to search for work for that period of time each day because she didn't have wifi in her caravan and that the local library didn't have computers, but again "not their issue". I think the sanction was really unfair because I am positive that the majority of people on UC do not have to "prove they are looking for work for 35 hours per week". Luckily she was able to find employment after a few weeks, but I feel sorry for those who are not so fortunate.... Read More