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David Aneurin

10:49 AM, 6th February 2020, About 2 years ago

Buying Freehold of shared garden

Why not try to buy the freehold?... Read More

David Aneurin

20:38 PM, 30th September 2019, About 2 years ago

Freehold Director mix up

A director can be appointed by the current directors making a resolution. The appointment should then be confirmed at the next AGM. Check as rules do vary.
I also query why as someone interested in management it has taken two years to find out?... Read More

David Aneurin

20:25 PM, 7th September 2019, About 2 years ago

Block insurance leak excess £10,000!

The whole point about insurance is to reduce the possibility of having to pay out large amounts in the event of a large loss. I did have a number of water claims and the excess slowly increased to £1000. We therefore inserted the following in our rules:
17. Insurance claims:
All leaseholders have the legal responsibility to ensure that damage and costs are minimised therefore immediate action, if necessary, should be taken e.g. turn off water at the stop cock if it is a water leak. Stop cocks are under the sink, in the services cupboard on the ground floor and the pavement outside the flats.
Contact the Property Manager who will advise of any further action and how any insurance claim will be handled.
The liability for the cost is that of the leaseholder of the flat, where the original problem occurred. Excesses are currently £100 in most cases but £1000 for damage caused by water, or where the flat is unfurnished for more than 30 days. The directors have agreed that a cap of £250 will be applied and that the Management Company will pay the remainder, which will be collected as part of the annual service charge. Where the Property Manager, however, deems that the leaseholder or tenant of the flat where the original problem occurred was negligent or, in some way, at fault in causing the problem, the leaseholder concerned will indemnify the management company for the full cost of the excess. In the event of a dispute about the Property Manager’s decision, the matter will be determined by the directors and their decision will be binding on all parties.
If the flat is empty then all leaseholders do have the responsibility to regularly check the property. Failure to do this may result in an increased excess or non-payment of the claim.

Hope this helps... Read More

David Aneurin

12:43 PM, 5th September 2019, About 2 years ago

Do I have a new landlord post sale of car park bays?

Were you notified about the sale of the car park. If not you could have rights. If for some reason you do not then as you have parking rights the plot is not worth much therefore you could offer to buy the plot. I would in any case notify the owner that if you are not given keys then you will remove the lock, or even put your own on it.... Read More

David Aneurin

15:07 PM, 9th January 2019, About 3 years ago

Fire Inspection - Upgrades required again?

Check the Local Government Association "Fire Safety in purpose-built blocks of flats" One of the comments "it is unnecessary and undesirable for a fire alarm to be provided" but read the rest.
I am therefore skeptical of any recommendation to install fire alarm systems in common areas without good reason. (having been called out at 3.00 am this morning on a false alarm)... Read More