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Barbara Peter

16:59 PM, 1st June 2015
About 6 years ago

How do I register a charge against a property?

Hi Paul it depends what the charge is for:
What is a Restriction?
A restriction is an entry made in the Proprietorship register of the title to freehold property, which restricts what dispositions (sales, mortgages, gifts etc) can be registered against the title. It is registered using form RX1 and removed with form RX4. A restriction can be used to protect any number of interests, and there are many standard forms. The full list can be found in Land Registry Practice Guide 19 at section 10.... Read More

Barbara Peter

20:09 PM, 13th December 2012
About 9 years ago

Excellent Conveyancing Job - from a landlords perspective

I am about to complete on a property and l need a good lawyer who can assist in extending the lease. I have tried speaking to some lawyers and l found out that its not all lawyers that are proficient in this field.... Read More