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Landlord Trevor Mason

14:32 PM, 19th November 2014, About 8 years ago

Heating cost control in HMO's

Reply to the comment left by "Robert Mellors" at "19/11/2014 - 14:07":

At the time was simplest solution to put it in attic as the old installation was in there which was used as office room originally. And engineer had great reception on Mobile standing in Kitchen.

However the Product is like on a different frequency to his mobile.Which I wasn't aware of all technicals involved.

Take on board what your saying with the room thermostat positioning. However the complicated layout of my property has'nt helped either to be fair.,so wasnt as straight forward as sounds. If could view inside see what I mean ha

Anyways good news is its-getting re-installed on first floor Tuesday for free. So lucky ther as was looking at quote of £99 to do it when started on conversation on phone because falls into 28 day from first install allowed to move it etc Great!

Least programs kicked in on schedules, so saving cost already, Thanks Again
Electric issues next get up to speed on ha

Cheers Trevor... Read More

Landlord Trevor Mason

11:35 AM, 19th November 2014, About 8 years ago

Heating cost control in HMO's

Many Thanks Nigel & Robert

The unit with the digital screen menu controls was losing connection
to the thermostat sender unit/connected to the router located in the same attic room.

So when gas engineer was installing he kept having to walk from boiler
which was in corner of kitchen to say about roughly 14 yards away and place the digital unit that distance to collect the data during the set up.

He was placing digital unit next to the boiler which turned out to be bit of
blind spot.

Looks like best bet is get telecoms engineer out or last resort the power adaptors

Moving the mains internet connection seems most common sense solution
and placed as you so rightly suggested from beginning.

Guess wont know if power adaptors work either but yes have same concern over unreliable signal as both mentioned.

Had feeling this might happen but didnt know 100% till yesterday.

So just holding off contacting the broadband engineer at the moment..... Read More

Landlord Trevor Mason

23:18 PM, 18th November 2014, About 8 years ago

Heating cost control in HMO's

Reply to the comment left by "Landlord Trevor Mason" at "11/11/2014 - 13:31":

We kept losing the connection on installation.

Two options are to get broadband moved to 1st /2nd floor
or look into getting powerline adapters to improve reception instead.

The two options probally equal the cost say give or take.

Has anyone used powerline adapters compatible with this product at all? Thanks.... Read More

Landlord Trevor Mason

13:31 PM, 11th November 2014, About 8 years ago

Heating cost control in HMO's

Reply to the comment left by "Robert Mellors" at "09/11/2014 - 23:51":

Appreciate All helpful information Robert I actually ended up putting the internet where least expected it to go in the end. I figured they would check where we used have old virgin phone/internet that in attic room see if was live still.

And the reception was 3 bars spot on from the kitchen so all good using Latest hub internet only. Now just got to get my very in demand engineer to sort the Landlord Plus Thermostat out when gets round to it ha. Great bunch on here ..Hopefully I 'll be able add to the site and help others in future Thanks.... Read More

Landlord Trevor Mason

17:15 PM, 10th November 2014, About 8 years ago

Possession date - tenant still in - what next ?

Been self-managing own tenants for 6 years and have never had yet to evict anyone. I may have dilemma arising whereby one working tenant has had difficulties in last few months of paying rent consistently late.

I put forward a new house share agreement only lasting Oct- Dec 2014 3 months with payment only standing order which they signed . My pickle is I could have served section 8 for previous month for paying rent late ,just gone by ,but I didnt.

Anticipated them not setting up a SO and paying late rent.Thats why used new house share agreement.Thinking be better for me now to not renew the agreement..In two minds wether I need to write a letter to end the agreement like a months notice...or serve section 21 or 8? but it is a house share agreement thinking same rules dont apply to it. Had several letters and phone call s over it to no result.Lastly gave them a written warning and would give notice unless issue resolved. Appreciate second opinion or any help Many thanks.... Read More