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sue thompson

21:39 PM, 17th December 2014, About 7 years ago

Can I claim money from my landlady?

The tenant actually says initially that she was without heating from Oct 23rd to Nov 27th and then says she was without heat and water for 46 days - does this add up? When did she inform the landlord of the problem? Is she a reliable witness or just hoping for some compensation. She should have taken the proper route i.e. go to the LOcal Authority who would then ultimately (after investigating) serve a Notice on the Landlord. In the meantime she still had a responsibility to pay her rent. She is most probably in rent arrears because she is feeding a dog and four children. Is she on benefits? Is the landlord getting direct payments of LHA? or is the tenant using her rent entitlement to buy other things?

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sue thompson

11:42 AM, 19th March 2011, About 10 years ago

Charity's legal challenge to housing benefit cuts

Well done Robert Birchall - I think you said that for all landlords. I have had all your experiences also.

Few more here:

The government never extended LHA to social landlords because they knew that the rent would not be paid and the council's and Social Registered Landlords would go bankrupt. Also they continued to pay council tax benefit direct to the council. Surely this is also why we pay income tax direct. I am not sure how social landlords are going to cope with the Universal Credit proposals.

You say that the government should have consulted with landlords. I sat on a committee with the DWP for five years and it was like talking to cotton wool . They were determined to bring in LHA and all the consulting was not going to make any difference except to the National Debt. Even after the two years Pathfinders, they had to do an evaluation (estimated cost of £200,000)but they never asked the relevant questions like how has this increased homelessness or how many tenants, who are now 'financially inclusive' have actually returned to work now they can have an extra £15 per week in their pockets. Here in the North East we do not have enough jobs. My answer is that all these people should be made to attend classes (teaching amongst other things tenant responsibilitiesdaily) 9.00 - 5.00, before they can receive their own Income Support. At least they would learn the discipline of getting out of bed before noon. The problem is that they are not only unemployed they are unoccupied. Unoccupied people are more likely to commit crimes anti social behaviour etc.

We the private landlords have become the social housing providers. The Homeless Sections and local authorities are always asking me to take their 'homeless clients'. These are the most vulnerable section of society but as soon as we take them we get our fingers burnt. I am willing to give my houses to the council to lease direct but our local council does not want to know. They want us to house them and then blame us for their bad behaviour and gives the neighbours justification to castigate private landlords.

Newcastle City Council however are asking landlords for direct leases because they have such a shortage of housing. Hartlepool Borough Council say there are 2,000 street houses in Hartlepool (they should move some of those Londoners up here or the Geordies down) surplus to requirements - hence tenants can flit from one to another. The other reason landlords do not want to leave their properties empty is because of vandalism - local authorities are very reluctant to impose Empty Home Management Orders beause they cannot cope with tenants and housing.

As you say the government just do not recognise the amount of work involved in housing benefit tenants. My files are several inches thick. My working tenants' files just have a tenancy agreement in them.

There are mandatory reasons for paying the landlord direct:

Claim Third Party Deductions for your tenants in rent arrears. Some local authorities have never heard of this but it is Reg 95 HB Regulations 2006.

Make your tenancy agreements payable in advance by eight weeks.

If your tenant has drug alcohol or gambling problems - it is still discretionary. Our local authority wanted to have evidence of gambling problems! How do you prove this?

We always try to get a home owner to act as gurantor - you can check on the Land Registry website to see if they are genuine home owners for £4.

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sue thompson

12:46 PM, 7th March 2011, About 10 years ago

Judges block eviction that mars a tenant's human rights

With regard to Mark's comments on Section 21 - why does he think Human Rights will not be extended to this ground for eviction? David is quite right about claiming for Housing Benefit, as a landlord you need to know more than the council (which is not difficult) but after 20 years of dealing with the council I would conservatively say that 7 out of 10 they get it wrong.... Read More

sue thompson

10:25 AM, 3rd December 2010, About 11 years ago

How landlords can stand up for their rights against squatters

Now I know why he has not answered any of my post letters or emails - he has been spending more public money on devising advice and guidelines over squatters. And yet it was under a conservative administration that a London council lost a £3million property to squatters.... Read More

sue thompson

10:23 AM, 3rd December 2010, About 11 years ago

How landlords can stand up for their rights against squatters

Should we take any adice from Grant Shapps - a man who breaks his promises (yes I will reinstate direct payments to landlords of LHA should the conservatives be the next government). Follow his advice at your peril, he will most probably have you for wrongful eviction if you are able to get the squatters out!... Read More