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Saturday 18th October 2014

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Peter Jones

12:20 PM, 24th November 2015, About 6 years ago

Plasterer staying on premises overnight!

I generally agree with Dan Sawyer and others that provided you are sure of these guys and you do some basic backround checks then I can see no problem with this someone staying in the property to complete the work. I have been on both sides having developed a number of properties it is not a particularly unusual practice. I have had overnight stays by tradesmen in my own properties and indeed, when I was myself operating as a small builder, I stayed overnight on several jobs which brought many benefits both to the job and the client (landlord). Also, I do agree with most of what Paul Sears says. Except, I would not use Checkatrade as any kind of recommendation, my experience of Checkatrade registered individuals is pretty abysmal, I would personally steer well clear of Checkatrade or at least be very careful indeed and do your own vetting and research.
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