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16:53 PM, 17th January 2022, About A day ago

Osbourne's private landlords mortgage interest trap, but?

I agree with Mark, you own the rental properties, if you choose to use them as security for finance for another project, there is no reason why not. The borrowed finance is for the new project, not the rentals.

I've been thinking of doing something similar but for a completely non-property related, engineering project.... Read More


11:47 AM, 17th January 2022, About A day ago

All landlords are property tycoons with deep pockets?

I doubt the banks would allow 'C' for 2025. Just in case it triggered a mass exodus from landlords leading to a property price crash.... Read More


8:28 AM, 15th January 2022, About 4 days ago

Gove closes business rates loophole for nonholiday holiday homes

I doubt they "created" the loopholes, its more likely they just didn't for see them. Like most loopholes they tend to be outside the intent of the law as in this case. In the same way those who had property listed for business rates could also claim the covid grant last year.

At least they are closing the loophole.... Read More


14:28 PM, 13th January 2022, About 5 days ago

Don't use the 'L' word

in an AST, the landlord can serve S21 notice to terminate without any breach on the tenants part. Contractually, the tenant is obliged to do so.

Therefore, the landlord clearly retains ultimate control.

The tenant also has no right nor ability to use a property occupied under an AST, for security. The AST has no asset value.

None of the above happens with freehold or long lease hold.... Read More


19:59 PM, 12th January 2022, About 6 days ago

Don't use the 'L' word

Reply to the comment left by ImpartialObserver at 12/01/2022 - 10:30
You clearly don't understand the difference between tenancies, long leasehold and freehold.... Read More