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Romano Gatto

8:50 AM, 29th November 2014, About 7 years ago

OM Property Management - Sublet fees and 'license'


I have a flat managed by OMPM and had EXACTLY the same issue. You need to take a firm line with them and you can start by using this as the basis of rejecting their claim (LVT has ruled their charges are unreasonable):

I quoted the the same thing and offered - from memory - £75 as 'reasonable'. They replied that 'each case was individual' and therefore the LVT didn't apply. I replied back to say that was nonsense because the ruling was EXACTLY the same charge from EXACTLY the same provider. I then said I am declining any further correspondence with them and would raise it with the LVT. It took a long while (months) for the reply to the first letter but much less time for the second.

Peverel / OMPM are the worst company I have dealt with in my years as a property investor and landlord. They charge rip off prices yet their customer service levels are alternately infuriating and laughable.

Stand your grand! Write to them and cc the LVT.

Best wishes,

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