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Bristol Landlord

17:05 PM, 1st August 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Pound down, House Prices up, Boris to decide

As a UK citizen but non resident landlord currently living in the USA I think it’s going to be a case of Pound down, House prices down.
Prices have already slipped in my area,
If we no deal Brexit, or any kind of Brexit, then the UK economy will shrink, jobs will be lost and my tenants will find they can’t pay the rent I need to sustain my small portfolio of 7 properties.
Europeans currently working here and renting may be forced to leave the UK which then pulls out thousands of potential tenants. Possibly Brits living in Europe are forced to return to the UK which adds to potential tenants?
Any way you slice it it’s going to get incredibly unstable and unpredictable for UK landlords.
Why would a foreign investor buy into the UK PRS right now? There is great uncertainty politically, economically and legally for both the country as a whole and the PRS in particular.
Also if a foreign investor/landlord buys into the UK market to take advantage of the lower pound his profit, if he actually makes one, when converted to his home currency will also be lower due to lower pound.
I could maybe see a foreigner buying a home in London because that’s his long term plan to have a London home but investing in a Victorian terrace in Grimsby, fuggedaboutit!!
My dilemma is should I sell my portfolio right now and take the losses already sustained or should I wait to see what happens with Brexit and either regain my losses or lose even more?
Any UK landlord who voted for Brexit has to be a complete nincompoop with an IQ considerably lower than a mentally challenged
turkey voting for a Christmas dinner every Sunday.
The only way this impending disaster can be averted is if Brexit is cancelled ASAP and the country returns to its previously relatively stable economy. Even saying that I think enormous damage has already been caused over the last 3 years and repealing S21 is going to make the UK PRS even more challenging for landlords, local or foreign.... Read More

Bristol Landlord

7:38 AM, 3rd May 2019
About 4 months ago

National Landlords Alliance meets Sefton Council

I house 26 people in 7 properties and now that S21 looks likely to be scrapped I will never take on a tenant on benefits, only those with good jobs will I house. I simply can’t afford a non paying tenant whom I can’t reasonably remove if they stop paying the rent, it will financially ruin me. Due to this reason I have also decided not to take on any families as I feel they are a higher risk than a group of single people. I’m also going to be increasing my rents as quickly as possible due to the impending tenant fees ban which has forced my managing agent to increase his fees. This relentless war on private landlords by the Government is ruinous to the interests of both landlords and tenants.
I can’t really decide if the UK government is either completely incompetent or driven by some ulterior motive to destroy the Private Rental Sector, which is it PM May?... Read More

Bristol Landlord

17:56 PM, 13th April 2019
About 4 months ago

Rents rise as tenant fees ban looms

I have properties to let in the BS3 area of Bristol and see from Rightmove that there is hardly anything to rent yet rents seem to be stagnant or even dropping slightly, what’s going on?... Read More

Bristol Landlord

14:53 PM, 2nd April 2019
About 5 months ago

Help please - criminal and bankrupt tenant won't leave

Reply to the comment left by Anthony Altman at 30/03/2019 - 17:05
Tony, which other countries would you favour to be a Landlord?
I’m seriously considering to sell up in the UK and reinvest somewhere else.
Thanks,... Read More

Bristol Landlord

14:39 PM, 30th March 2019
About 5 months ago

Help please - criminal and bankrupt tenant won't leave

Eta, so sorry to hear of your horrific experience, your tenant sounds like the poster child of the Tenant from Hell . I would think publicising your experience would be useful to help counteract the massive and organised demonisation campaign against landlords in the MSM.
Can you keep us updated on P118 of progress and especially when you get this ex tenant registered on a database please come back and give us a clue as to her identity, ie her initials and location or something to identify her.... Read More