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20:17 PM, 16th June 2021, About 3 months ago

Can a council behave in this way?

Their behaviour is unconscionable and possibly illegal, you may need to see a solicitor.
Also should think about a complaint to the local government Ombudsman. To do that you first need to go through the Council’s entire complaints procedure and assuming they don’t correct the situation you can then complain to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman have a very strict procedure in that you need to make your complaint to them within 12 months of “first noticing the problem” and having exhausted the council complaint procedure, so you need to start soon as the clock is ticking.
Can you tell us which Council this is?... Read More

Bristol Landlord

18:30 PM, 14th May 2021, About 4 months ago

Lack of new properties to let putting pressure on prospective tenants

This article is mostly about a lack of houses for sale rather than for rent.
However, (irony alert) how many sentient human beings could possibly have predicted there would be a lack of places to rent, and predictably leading to increased rents, after several years of a savage Govt onslaught on landlords!!!... Read More

Bristol Landlord

17:20 PM, 17th April 2021, About 5 months ago

Benefit tenants, I am sorry!

Reply to the comment left by Smartermind at 17/04/2021 - 15:06
Dear Smartermind, your argument may be laudable but in the real world is hopelessly unrealistic. We are in the Private Rented Sector, we are not in, nor are we experts on, the Social Housing Sector, the Mental Health Sector or the Unemployment Benefits Sector. In other words and as Private Sector Landlords it is way beyond our scope to sort out the SYSTEMIC mess which this subject has become. It is the job of the Govt and LA to sort out, not Private Landlords.
It is now very clear the Govt is incompetent, lazy, uncaring, callous etc and is trying to shirk its duties of good governance and trying to pass on its responsibilities, in this regard of benefits and vulnerable tenants, onto the Private Landlords.
It is neither our business nor our problem to sort out this mess.
Mick is quite correct to say he has now, despite his heroic struggles, to avoid this problem of struggling to accommodate tenants with mental health issues in order to PROTECT himself from further financial loss, wasted time and increased blood pressure.
I totally agree with Mick, if you can’t SOLVE a problem then you have to AVOID the problem.... Read More

Bristol Landlord

16:10 PM, 17th April 2021, About 5 months ago

Licence Fees - Should I only pay an inflation linked increase?

Dhirajlal, I agree that the increase is unfair and unjustified but I don’t believe for one moment it is worth the time, expense and increased blood pressure to go to court over this. Your problems and legal expenses will only increase as the LA will have virtually unlimited resources to fight you, it will become a quagmire for you.
Much smarter to simply view the license fee as a cost of doing business and pass the cost on to the tenants.... Read More

Bristol Landlord

14:13 PM, 29th March 2021, About 6 months ago

Green Homes Grant applications canned after 31st March

It was a pretty useless scheme for me. My properties are all Victorian terraced houses with existing loft insulation and good boilers.
I would have liked to replace many of my single glazed windows with double glazed.
Couldn’t do that without first spending a lot on redoing the insulation and boilers and even then the grant for windows was a small proportion of the money which first had to be spent on the other “improvements”. I didn’t go forwards on my mass window replacement as it was looking like a lot of work for a very small gain.This will have to wait for another day.
Why the Govt couldn’t just pay a rebate for a confirmed window replacement of single to double glazed I don’t know, would have been relatively simple to manage.
I suppose they were too thick to work that out. The grant scheme was overly bureaucratic, inflexible, restricted and complicated. This once again shows this single agenda Govt as really just interested in splashy headlines and vote catching and not actually serious in doing the best it can to improve all aspects of the country for the good of all citizens and residents.... Read More