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Anthony John

10:15 AM, 5th July 2013, About 9 years ago

Deposit Protection - look out landlords, the vultures are circling

I have already advised one Landlord who was the victim of a deposit reclaim inspired by this claimline. It turned out that the deposit of £800 was a bonded deposit via the Bournemouth Borough Council tenants deposit bond scheme. You do not have to protect this in one of the deposit protection schemes - no money is paid to the Landlord unless he has a valid claim against the tenant, then the Council pays up. The claim was ill-researched and a nonsense.
Are other local authorities adopting a bonding scheme?... Read More

Anthony John

8:30 AM, 18th July 2011, About 10 years ago

Has the credit crunch been good or bad for buy to let landlords?

It seems to me that there is a clear distinction between commercial property and residential. The latter still seems to attract investors who see rental returns as better than leaving the money on deposit with a Bank or Building Society - however, a decent loan to equity ratio is required. Commercial property is being approached with much more caution. Any sign that the lessees are approaching renewal or any sign of rental arrears and the potential investor is hanging back. I have one development which a client has been trying to sell since the beginning of the year which is a mix of 4 flats with 3 shops under (solicitor, estate agent and a bakery/cake shop) but the sale keeps stalling because of the fact that the solicitor is approaching renewal and one of the flats has £800 arrears of ground rent/service charges. In better times this would not have deterred a buyer but it is enough now to cause the buyer to hang back.... Read More