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Ron H-W

8:56 AM, 20th November 2021, About A week ago

Can I go back to HMRC and request an amendment to Probate?

I'd be very surprised if indeed "hmrc hold no record of the value stated at time of probate" - and, even if that's true, they surely have access to the set of probate form/s, or a copy thereof.
In 2010 I foresaw the possibility of an increase, so, on the probate form, I deliberately overstated the value by a reasonable margin (but still within the IHT nil-rate band), in order not to be caught by any possible value increase in the property during the time it would take to sell. (It did indeed fetch some 25k more than the "true" valuation, but some 20k less than the submitted probate figure.)... Read More

Ron H-W

11:15 AM, 19th July 2021, About 4 months ago

Next Step ICE complaint?

Perhaps you should also ask them whether they have a deliberate policy of not notifying landlord of such requests - maybe this policy is in expectation of tenant sometimes being lazy or incapacitated, and therefore with a view to getting payments delayed and/or not made?

Also, in the light of this experience, how can they justify expecting you (and people who read about this case) EVER to take on tenants who are in receipt of UC?

I know one should not discriminate, but officials like these would appear to be forcing such discrimination to occur!... Read More

Ron H-W

11:55 AM, 17th July 2021, About 4 months ago

Court N24 order opinions?

I guess it may be too much to hope for, that the original claimant will get "done" for (or threatened with) "contempt of court"?

Just noticed the original date - Is there any news since Feb?... Read More

Ron H-W

11:28 AM, 12th July 2021, About 5 months ago

Ground Rent increase, Charges Register and fly-tipping?

Yes, that's the Extract of Title.
It should state both the freehold title number and the leasehold title number.
(If not, maybe you can search by address or by map?)
The leasehold title number is what you need!... Read More

Ron H-W

9:25 AM, 12th July 2021, About 5 months ago

Ground Rent increase, Charges Register and fly-tipping?

It looks as though what you have is simply the "extract of title", some 3 to 5 pages only.
What you need is a copy of both lease documents (£7 each from Land Registry - start at
- and you'll need to quote the title numbers),. But if the flat is ON your relative's land, rather than ADJACENT to it (I don't recognise the word "attached" to have a clear meaning) then your family-member should possess the counterparts sitgned by the original "tenant/s" (lessee/s) in 1986, which would do just as well.

Get hold of these documents, and read them carefully - they should help a lot!
By the way, I am VERY surprised that there be just the ONE "flat"!

(Standard disclaimer: "IANAL".)... Read More