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Ron H-W

21:34 PM, 17th September 2020
About A week ago

Tiny government concessions including domestic violence cases

Reply to the comment left by Seething Landlord at 02/09/2020 - 12:00
"Councils ... could correctly claim that they are doing no more than alerting tenants to their legal right to remain in occupation until a Court order for possession is enforced in accordance with the law."
True - EXCEPT when they also tell the tenants that, if tenant leaves before bailiff is en route to the property, tenant will be regarded as having "made self deliberately/voluntarily homeless" and therefore would no longer qualify for housing benefit in any alternative accommodation!... Read More

Ron H-W

14:03 PM, 14th September 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Making a property a Freehold / Leasehold

Would you be the freeholder (owner of the freehold title) AND the lessee (owner of the leasehold title? The lessee is a "tenant" of the freeholder, and you CANNOT be your own tenant!
If you are wanting to sell (or give etc) all or part of it as LEASHOLD to somebody else, you would grant (whether for payment or other consideration, or otherwise) the lease to this person.
As for your last question, most flats have "both a leasehold and a Freehold Title", because the freehold title to the entire block is held by one party, and the lease by another.
At end (or surrender or foreclosure) of the lease, the titles merge, and the leasehold title MUST be "extinguished" (you CANNOT be your own tenant).
So do think carefully about what you want to achieve - and why!... Read More

Ron H-W

12:45 PM, 9th September 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Shelter help disabled tenant win second 'No DSS' case

How about this risk, however unlikely, which I really don't think would be underwritten by Shelter (or anybody else!):
* Arrangements are made for landlord to be paid direct - great!
* But they then discover tenant is working undisclosed, or appears to be at another address, or ...
* So they "claw back" the last couple of years' rent!
How many landlords feel they can afford to can take a hit of over £20K (if rent is £835 per month)?
And it seems that, on the grounds of confidentiality, the benefit payer is unlikely to enter into discussion with the landlord (apart from simply demanding repayment).

Fortunately I haven't had such experience (yet?), but imagine a landlord who has already suffered in this way -- Is he legally obliged to lay himself open to "more of the same"?... Read More

Ron H-W

10:32 AM, 8th September 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Lease Extension and Marriage Value?

As Clint says, serve a s.42 notice -- just make sure you do this more than 80 years before the current expiry date (i.e. before 31-Dec-2021); that will "stop the clock", so no need to wait until the dust settles.
You can always offer that you will withdraw the s.42 notice if agreement is reached by other means and before that "deadline".
BTW, I didn't need to use a s.42 notice because I was able to negotiate agreement on the sale of freehold to the lessees' management company a few months before that "magic" 80 years, though actual completion wasn't until after that magic date.... Read More

Ron H-W

12:20 PM, 7th September 2020
About 3 weeks ago

EICR reports and Distribution Boards?

As for moving the boards, check the "code" against the problem, on the report.
Code "C3" IS satisfactory, it's simply something they need to point out, like the "advisory" items you may find mentioned on the M.O.T. for your car.
If it's "C1" or "C2", ask why, and consider using a different person in future.

As for the 'supply head' if he was competent he wouldn't have had to ask - just switch off the boards (and anything else he can find), then check for "induced voltage" to trace the cabling back from the board/s to any splitter and eventually to the head. If this is "blocked in" by something immovable, it is likely that you'll be asked to make changes to enable access - which is probably a good idea: what happens if there is a major short-circuit which blows the supplier's fuse?
Also bear in mind that the supplier or the D.N.O. OUGHT to be able to tell you where the "head" is.

(Disclaimer - I am not professionally qualified in this field.)... Read More