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Tuesday 2nd June 2020

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Art Dobson

18:20 PM, 1st July 2020
About 18 hours ago

Generation Rent is wrong

NRLA do great work for landlords, but I think this time they may be off. Voids in my portfolio have trebled and no sign of any income from my short let's this summer.
Gutting tbh, feel I'll be selling 2 apts to keep going, hopefully not too much in the red on my capital, at Christmas... Read More

Art Dobson

10:51 AM, 10th June 2020
About 3 weeks ago

What Planet Are They On?

I think the poltics have sadly changed, The NHS and a hatred of the PRS seem the only way to unite people. I think it'll be bloodbath in the next few years. Landords sent to the chopping block.
I'm going to sell up in the next year even if I make a loss on the property value, God knows, what comes after if i hold onto my y properties will be even worse.... Read More

Art Dobson

9:09 AM, 7th June 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Can I serve Section 8 with no EPC?

Have a Frank convo with the tenant, they may be under a lot of pressure, let them get their head straight and save yourself the mental anguish of an eviction process.
Look at selling and investing in a moderate risk investment portfolio.
Ride the market rather than dealing with the messiness of tenants and a needy asset like a property.... Read More

Art Dobson

8:56 AM, 7th June 2020
About 4 weeks ago

It's constant uproar - What would you do?

I fear selling up might be the best option, financially you'll be able to set your wealth up in A way that's less reliant on tenants and the whims of a troubled marketplace.
Mental health wise it may also save you some grief.... Read More

Art Dobson

10:43 AM, 5th June 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Buying another flat for personal and AirBNB use?

I'd be very wary of relying on Airbnb or any other setup like that. Expect greater taxation on proceeds in the future and potentially stricter licensing.
I can't divulge too much, but from friends in the hospitality and hotel sector there are rumbles that making Airbnb less attractive may be away to boost hotel occupancy and help it recover on the way out of the pandemic. There is active lobbying on this with the BEIS department.
There is also a lot of anti Airbnb noise from the likes of Shelter, soaking up supply etc.
I'm short the steady days of Airbnb are passed and the outlook may not be as sunny, not stormy yet, but definitely overcast.... Read More