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14:26 PM, 5th August 2021, About 3 months ago

One or two estate agents?

I have used Yopa for my last 2 property sales as the agents are all self employed so need to sell to earn. All agents use the same advertising medium via Rightmove and Zoopla, so tbh I'm not sure that having 2 agents would help, might make you even look desperate online. Agree with other comments that you may end up paying commission to 2 agents if you are not careful even if only one does the selling... Read More


16:09 PM, 5th June 2021, About 5 months ago

Fobbed off by my local authority?

All the above re keeping a record of your endeavours is absolutely crucial. However, what does it say in your contract with the tenant? Hopefully there is a clause that says something along the lines that you can give written 24 or 48 hour notice to enter the premises for repairs and or safety or inspection. If there is then send a letter, making sure you get proof of postage at the post office (a receipt proving you posted it not recorded delivery) and then enter on the date and time you have put in the letter. If things kick off with the tenant as a result of this then you should have the law on your side. If this is the first time the tenant has done this then it could be that the property is in a bit of a mess, or they have mental health problems or lots of other reasons. But if you give them a definite date and time I am sure you will get a response from the tenant either saying not available or ok. If its the former then you just say you dont need them to be at the property to do the gas cert / inspection. Good luck... Read More


22:47 PM, 1st March 2021, About 8 months ago

Transfer property to minimise CGT?

You can offset any refurbishment costs you incurred when you first purchased the property to reduce the CGT.... Read More