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Wednesday 5th February 2020

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4:18 AM, 8th February 2020
About 9 months ago

Newbie renting to Universal Credit claimants?

Dear forum members.

Just wanted to update you on my situation, things kinda got from bad to worst!

Before the UC tenant moved in (July 2019) I had spent a considerable sum of money restoring the house to its former glory to the standard managing agent wanted it to be in.
They even sent me pictures of the house restored to its former glory!

Yesterday i get a sudden email from the agent that the tenant and her council support worker wanted a meeting with the managing agent regarding some repair works. The agent has passed me the repair works seems to be a lot of damage to kitchen floor, thermostat, electric switches, window handles broken off which is going to cost a considerable amount to fix . However my question is that since 7 months ago the house was in a good state of repair before the tenant moved in, this damage is surely all caused by the tenant yet the tenant never reported any of this and hides behind her council support worker to report this damages.

I have pictures from 6 months ago taken by the agent to prove that the property was in a excellent state. Am I obliged to repair damages caused by tenant? Currently the tenancy expired 2 weeks ago and it is a rolling tenancy now. The tenant is also 2 months rent in arrears.

What are my rights? Will I prosecute if I dont repair the damage?

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12:36 PM, 6th February 2020
About 9 months ago

Newbie renting to Universal Credit claimants?

Thank you for your feedback and advise I really appreciate it. Since the tenant is already in the property I have to deal with it and I really dont want to fall in this mess again especially as I am a first time investor.

Called up the agent yesterday and they advised that the tenancy had expired two weeks ago and it is now a rolling tenancy. I guess a section 21 notice would be in my favour now if the tenant is causing me a headache by involving a council social worker at the time the tenancy has expired.. the agent had advised that it's not the tenant who is raising repair issues the tenant has not complained at all. It's the social worker.

I will go through all the checks described above and make sure all documents are in place.

Thanks again what a great bunch of professionals on this forum.... Read More