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chris oddy

15:13 PM, 28th July 2020, About 2 years ago

Buying without planning permission or building certificate?

Hi, it is very unlikely that the council would ask you to knock this down because it has been up 16 years and as long as you are certain that the current owners are not in a legal battle with the council then more thank likely no one has complained. There is a 3 year rule of thumb and if no one has complained then it shouldn’t be an issue although I am not certain if this planning law. It would make sense to get them to get regularisation but if you are intending to alter the property yourself then you are going to change it anyway. Planners determine each submission on its own merits and as long as the current conservatory doesn’t exceed any commonly accepted parameters that exist already then this should not be held against you. Last year I added a 2 storey extension to an house that was in a conservation area. It had an existing single storey side garage with no permission. This did not hold us back. However we were not allowed to go out as far as the existing garage as they felt that was too far In this area so they judged it on its own merit not on what other people had built previously.... Read More

chris oddy

12:13 PM, 10th June 2020, About 2 years ago

What Planet Are They On?

Keep up the good work

I had to defer council tax recently due to not being able to invite people to view the empty house. It is now occupied since lockdown lifted but the council still want their tax from me even though I wasn’t intentionally keeping it empty, that’s no different... Read More