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Wednesday 22nd January 2020

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11:38 AM, 22nd January 2020
About 2 months ago

Soldier On Property Training Course Committed Suicide

I am appalled that you are providing cover for Samuel Leeds who is a total scammer! It is just ludicrous that you are making the connection with academic institutions and a dodgy property trainer who was responsible for a mans suicide. Its nothing like university as
a) Universities do not pressure sell and use NLP or sob stories
b) You get a universally recognised degree which everybody knows has value
c) Universities dont have a huge amount of customers taking to social media saying they have been ripped off.
d) University debt is based upon ability to pay it back not credit card rates
e) Universities don't lie about content and deluded people to ruin their credit file and make them unmortgable

Mark Alexander you are providing cover for a con man basically.
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