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23:20 PM, 14th May 2016
About 5 years ago

Advice on buying investment property in Australia

The best web site is However, this may not be a super time to invest in Oz = potential changes to tax rules on investment property, potential for minor crash in Sydney/Melbourne, currently only Oz citizens can buy property with the exception of new builds, economy looking shaky could affect $A value.... Read More


23:26 PM, 1st September 2014
About 7 years ago

The Mortgage Works (TMW) Redemption figure - Help!

Exactly the same happened to me when selling off our investments in the UK before escaping back to Australia. I found that the problem was incredible incompetence within the Nationwide office. The clerks working there have no ability. The only option I found to work was to spend a whole day on the phone, insisting on getting service. In the end I threatened to visit their office in person with a TV crew. Finally they relented and I got the deal done but it raised my blood pressure. The nub of the story is that at no time did TMW inform me that my multiple loans would be viewed as a whole at discharge. If it had gone to court I would have won, but I would have lost my sale and it would have cost me big time.
Let this be a salutary lesson to anyone considering a TMW loan.... Read More