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9:10 AM, 29th July 2020
About A week ago

Buying without planning permission or building certificate?

Isn't there a rule that after 4 years you can apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development (no guarantee it will be granted) or after 10 years you are golden and the LA can't touch you (both of which you would comply with if done in 2004)? This is provided you can prove the work was done back then (you'd need to provide chapter and verse to prove the work was done that long ago). If you can get comfortable on the 10 year rule (assuming I'm not talking cobblers), backpocket that knowledge knowing you are going to buy anyway but be economical with the truth and nevertheless demand a reduction in the purchase price for the "risk" you are taking?... Read More


11:19 AM, 24th July 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Landlords - Don't complain!

Reply to the comment left by steve p at 24/07/2020 - 04:52Totally right Steve P - it was 40% once upon a time. So, Rishi and the Tax Simplification team, why was it reduced in the meantime? You'll find the answer in the research that was carried out before the reduction (hint: because you'll collect more...). Go on, Rishi, increase it to 40%; no, to hell with it, increase it to 100%, the effect will be the same - no one will sell, the property market will stall (sorry, stall even more than it will do after the stamp duty easement is removed - Rishi, there's a clue there isn't there.) It will beggar belief if so called intelligent people who can work out that reducing tax (stamp duty, vat) successfully encourages economic activity end up deciding an increase in tax (any tax, not just CGT)will be a good idea. Let's see, but you can see some enthusiastic fresh out of university tax researcher, who has never been a landlord, never run a business, never considered economic theory, but full of idealistic fervour thinking "hang on, companies pay Corp Tax, like individuals pay Income tax, but pay Corp Tax on gains, unlike individuals who pay CGT. That's not right, it will merely drive the same people Mark Carney identified as posing such a terrible risk to the UK economy, to set up companies. Shocking. That needs to be stopped. Rishi, I suggest Companies pay CGT at the same rate as individuals." Twat. OR "Rishi, why not abolish CGT and just say people will pay Income tax on the gain as if it were a slug of income in that year; that way the rich will pay at 45% and the poor at 0 or 20%". Looks great, Rishi's a political hero to the poor, but the policy still b**gers the economy (oh and landlords get another kicking, whose s24 turnover is classed as income of course, but who cares about them. It's clear that landlord's accrued "wealth" is being targeted to pay by stealth tax Gordon Brown's creation of 1m new jobs, all in the public sector...)... Read More


9:01 AM, 23rd July 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Landlords - Don't complain!

Landlord bashing is driven by a desire of the have nots to bitch against the haves. It's the same reason people vote Labour. The have nots (speaking as someone who once was one, in fact less than not) they only see it through their prism, which is usually one of inexperience driving in their eyes a simple truth. The truth is rarely simple, as we know.
Your final para I wholly agree with (as I do the rest of your article) - tax less and you will receive more; tax more and you will receive less. Labour proved that in spades in the 1970's. Sadly our politicians are driven less by common sense and more by "what will they think? What can we get away with?" Oh for an enlightened, former business owning, benign dictator with some balls...... Read More


9:32 AM, 22nd July 2020
About 2 weeks ago

WARNING! CGT Going UP? - Property Investors Need To Act Now

I agree, and I suspect the same may be true of Stamp Duty. Reduce, not increase, CGT and Stamp Duty and you may collect more of both. Moreover you will certainly collect more in VAT by freeing up the property market - house moving is well known to be a driver of economic activity as buyers eye up renovations, improvements, new furniture, new this, new that for their new home and new start. But our politicians and those who advise them will see differently no doubt and ignore the bleedin' obvious...... Read More


11:39 AM, 29th May 2020
About 2 months ago

Should I let to family through my limited company?

Reply to the comment left by LordOf TheManor at 29/05/2020 - 11:04
Very sorry to read that LordOfTheManor, it sounds b awful and you have my greatest sympathy. Think on when you can that others of a similarly kind heart will see you did it all for the best of intent and those that harm you only show their true - and base - colours. Never a day goes by when I don't think of how I could have done things differently and I agree totally with you - avoid if you can. With my sister I've been Neville Chamberlain; now my help seal has been broken it's merely encouraged her to take more of her life's angst out against me rather than be satisfied. She's in my property and that's it there's not a thing I can do. Jay, once you're in it's a one way street. If you really feel you need to help, go in small (and I mean really small) and in a way you can easily turn the tap off when you want. I'd have done cash loans and taken out security with second charges. You can always just stop and say "sorry that's all I can afford". However, once members of your family are in your property that's it - you're well and truly in! And the other members of your family that love you for having done what you so generously did just become in the eyes of those you have helped the perfect leverage to get you to help them more, and more, and more ("but can't you just help them a bit more Jay, after all as they quite rightly say they are looking after your property for you aren't they... Go on, there's a nice lad, after all they are being nice to you by looking after your property aren't they so you can't really say no to them can you...? It's little Jimmy's birthday next week and I don't want his mummy upset on that day.") Your emotional and financial knackers are in their mangle. Eg in my circs I am now seriously thinking of taking out Japanese Knotweed insurance because I really wouldn't put it past my sister... notwithstanding she is living in my house rent free for the rest of her life (yes I was that dumb!) and my 95 year old Mum wouldn't know what Japanese Knotweed was if it made her a cup of tea. Just be careful (or in my case don't make the mistake of being a more successful younger brother than my more talented but fundamentally lazy and spendthrift elder sister who now sees me benefiting from my thrift and hard work). Just know one thing - among all the warm and fuzzy feelings you may experience up front of being able to help loved ones you won't think of every eventuality, least of all how love can suddenly and most unexpectedly involve pain in equal but opposite measure and where it is least expected or deserved...... Read More