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Friday 6th June 2014

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Alasdair Melville - Hawk & Chadwick

16:53 PM, 6th June 2014
About 7 years ago

Estate Agent charging for NOT selling my house!

Reply to the comment left by "Mark Alexander" at "06/06/2014 - 10:14":

Sounds deeply unfair to me Angus.

Can't really add more than what has already been pointed out - if you signed a contract then they can probably hold you to it - whether it's worth it for £480.00 is another matter. They might just drop the whole thing if you agree to leave it on the market with them and instruct somebody else alongside them - you could use that as a bargaining chip, and then just sell it through the new agent anyway - but make sure your new guys don't introduce somebody who has already viewed it through the original lot, otherwise you might be liable for two fees depending on the terms of your contract with both.

As Vanessa has correctly pointed out, in this market where stock is at a premium and there are literally buyers everywhere (not even kidding, I'm constantly responding to buyers looking for property, but I've run out of available stock!), if they haven't sold your property it's probably either because they're not converting enquiries into viewings, or you might have it priced a little rich for the location/style/decor.

Try using tools such as, Mouseprice, Zoopla and recent sold prices on Rightmove to get a feel for what others have recently sold for, that should give you a good set of reliable figures.

Also as a note here for others, please beware of some on-line agents that will charge you an upfront fee to list your home, before even agreeing to come out and see you. If the property fails to sell and you walk away, they will also keep your initial fee! I think that's wrong - if what has been promised isn't delivered, you shouldn't have to pay for it. Period.

Best of luck with the case.

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