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Mary Edbrooke

23:07 PM, 1st March 2013, About 9 years ago

Rent Rise on a Periodic Tenancy - Landlords Question

Thank you Mark for your prompt action and speedy reply. I looked at Tessa Shepperson\'s article and it was very useful. I have been looking for a way to change my expensive agent and try one of your recommended on-line agents.The tenant is threatening to leave if the rent is raised, despite enjoying several years of no rent increases. The agent - really an administrator who handles renewals sitting in a head office far from the property - seems to have little idea about how to negotiate all this other than ask me what I want to do.My goal is to lower the cost of a fully managed let by getting a new lower-cost agent and keep the tenant on a periodic basis at a higher rent. I have to work out how to do this without breaking contracts. I might have to bite the bullet and give the tenant notice if they refuse to agree to a rent increase, but reluctant to do this due to high cost of changeover and void.Many thanks,Mary... Read More

Mary Edbrooke

20:04 PM, 19th February 2013, About 9 years ago

I think my tenants removal company knocked my garden wall down

This happened to me too. I noticed a Car port was badly damaged a day after a tenant moved out Since there were no witnesses all I could do was claim on the insurance.... Read More

Mary Edbrooke

4:05 AM, 30th November 2012, About 9 years ago

BMV property deal gone wrong - what would you do?

I don't know if this exists in the UK but you could try getting a line of credit (LOC) against the property. The rates are generally higher than mortgages and you usually need a good amount of equity of get an LOC.... Read More