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Richard Baker

9:12 AM, 6th August 2016, About 5 years ago

Agent told me to forget about the rent arrears!

If I understand correctly, it seems a years money has gone missing from the Council and additionally the tenant may or may not have paid a £10 top up. If that's true I wouldn't worry too much about the latter as the sum of money isn't that significant in the great scheme of things, and focus my energies on the former.
Councils, in my experience, don't pay the wrong account. They've either not paid (in which case the agent is negligent for not advising you) or they've paid the tenant (in which case the agent is negligent for not advising you) or they've paid the agent and the money hasn't been passed on to you (in which case I'd report it to the police and the local trading standard office).
In any event, I'd serve a section 21 notice whilst you sort all this out, to mitigate any further loss.... Read More

Richard Baker

9:01 AM, 6th August 2016, About 5 years ago

Letting Agent increasing price as now registering for VAT?

I've read this thread with interest. My concern would actually be that you've been using an agent that isn't VAT registered and therefore by definition isn't turning over much money. One thing I've learned over the years is is to watch agents that charge REALLY low fees because if they encounter financial difficulty it can often be the landlord that picks up the bill. See I'd be wary of an agent whose prices are so low that you question how they trade profitably, and I'd be equally conscious of making sure my agent had CMP.... Read More

Richard Baker

8:48 AM, 28th February 2015, About 7 years ago

Opportunity Knocks at Lockside, Northampton, NN4

Yes. Prices from £119,995.
Rent guaranteed (if required) at £7500 per annum (£15000 for 2 years).
118 will update their website soon, I'm sure!... Read More

Richard Baker

14:12 PM, 2nd March 2013, About 9 years ago

Draughty Windows - Landlord SOS

Serve a section 21 on your tenant, and at the same time call the tenant's bluff by contacting the environmental health department of the local authority and asking them to visit the property. Accompany them when they do. If the tenant is being unreasonable, EH will support you and will give you something in writing saying the property is in a lettable condition. If however there are problems with the windows, or indeed other issues at the property, you may find this approach backfires. A good landlord should have nothing to fear from an EH inspection.... Read More

Richard Baker

20:14 PM, 1st March 2013, About 9 years ago

Bank of Ireland increase differential on tracker rates

Going back to Lee's original post, the terms seem quite clear - they can make changes that count in the borrower's favour, but not in a way that is unfavourable. Can someone clarify what BOIs argument is - which clause do they feel gives them the right to do this?... Read More