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Thomas Dickson

14:35 PM, 4th April 2014
About 7 years ago

Skipton Building Society Legal Action

It's unbelievable that Skipton chief executive David Cutter can go on record on 4 March 2009 pledging that their "residential SVR will never be more than 3 per cent above base rate" and that "even with this at its lowest level for 315 years, we will honour our promise". To then rely on some small print in their terms and conditions, that I doubt any of the 15,000 borrowers ever read, and remove that cap is a classic example of treating customers unfairly.

That decision has cost me personally and many of our clients, thousands of pounds whilst Skipton continue to post millions of pounds profits every year - £36.4m in 2012 increasing to £102.5m in 2013.

I'm delighted this action is being taken now and Skipton is being held to account.... Read More