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Peter Stephenson

12:11 PM, 7th March 2014, About 8 years ago

To-Let Advertising - Dissing the Opposition!

If your property is in Bristol, Cardiff, Bath or the surrounding areas then by all means make contact and we'll be delighted to discuss the valuation and best marketing techniques for your property. There's no obligation to use Piper Property and no fee for having a chat - best way to contact us is via our member profile as we will then know you come to us via Property118 and we may just be able to offer you a special deal 😉

But more generally speaking I think achieving the best response from marketing the property is dependent on the type of property and your target tenants. Whilst I don't disagree with anything said above, there's certainly nothing 'wrong' in your proposed wording. I would personally be hesitant to be too "aggressive" in selling a high end property.

Young professionals looking for a higher end property (being that this seems to be the market your property is aimed at), will probably respond better to a more subtle pitch than "this property is bigger and better than that property", if the photos are taken well they should demonstrate this and simply stating the size is probably more than sufficient to get the viewings if the property is priced correctly.

If you compare marketing your flat to selling a car, you may put a great big luminous green star sticker on a 15 year old mondeo with a 200k miles on the clock, stating the price as "Bargain at £995!". But you wouldn't see that in your local BMW or Mercedes dealership.

Tenants are not stupid, they'll be able to work out that a £1,000 sq ft flat is spacious - I don't think you need to worry.

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