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Wednesday 26th February 2014

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Mrs Ploughley

9:53 AM, 26th February 2014, About 8 years ago

Tenant stops cheque after leaving property

I'm sorry if I haven't made myself clear but I was really cross when I wrote the initial post.

The tenant moved in five years ago and signed a six month AST. Since the end of the first six months she's been on a periodic tenancy.

There has been no overlap of tenancy. Her tenancy was due to finish at the end of February and new tenants lined up to move in 1st March. Tenant cancelled her standing order (her usual method of payment) and sent the cheque for her last month's rent. Then she told me her new accommodation was ready to move into and she was moving out early and she wanted her deposit back before the end of the month. Letting agent confirmed the flat was in good condition and tenant handed over keys to agent in exchange for return of deposit monies.

Then the cheque for the last month's rent came back as 'stopped' and I rang to ask the tenant (who was now in her new accommodation) why it had been stopped as the rent was payable until the end of the month. She said she had been told that someone else was now in the flat and she wash't going to pay. There was no-one in the flat and no-one due to move in until after the end of the notice period. I asked the Letting Agent to confirm this to her but she was not listening.

Thanks for all the wise words. I'm really cross with myself for giving back her deposit money early but i thought I was being fair as she had moved out and the flat was in good order. My initial instinct was Small Claims Court but I wondered if by handing in her keys and by my giving her the deposit back it could be assumed that the tenancy had ended early.

No, it's not a huge rent, £500, and I guess I'll have to consider if it's worth the time effort and stress of taking it further. I have threatened her with SCC but it hasn't produced a result. It's just really galling when you think you've been fair but a lesson learned.... Read More