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Martin Wheeler

12:33 PM, 29th February 2020
About 8 months ago

Government reject Brent Council application to extend licensing scheme

Reply to the comment left by Mark Shine at 28/02/2020 - 21:54Hi Mark, is this the same Mark Shine I know from Willesden Green when I bought a flat there back in 1999? I was alsways very impressed with your memory when we spoke, remember me? What are you up to these days? Back on topic, it seems that Selective Licensing has been put on hold but Additional continues as of it's implimentation date of 01/02/2020. The second half of this article explains in more detail How the Cllr can say that licensing has proven to benefit landlords is beyond me. I'm all in favour of improved housing and eliminating rogues - but do me a favour! How difficult is it for Brent to work out which houses are dumps and which are being well looked after?... Read More

Martin Wheeler

1:09 AM, 10th November 2016
About 4 years ago

My daughter is the victim of a fraudulent letting agent - Help please

I would add another point... I suspect the landlord's motivation for wanting re-possession is quite strong. Just guessing here, but on finding out that their appointed agent/s have let the property to sharers, thus creating an un-licenced HMO could put them in breach of their mortgage conditions (again, assuming they have one). Councils are HOT on licencing so it wouldn't surprise me if it was the council that wrote to the landlord threatening legal action for lack of licence. (If) landlord then applies for licence > council inform lender > lender sends a letter to landlord giving 30 days before re-possession proceedings due to breach of mortgage condition (i.e. no HMO's) > Landlord panics and tries to get heavy on tenants > tenant's Mum posts on popular forum > landlord aware they could be in breach of Protection from Eviction 1977 (criminal) > landlord cools off and does what they should have done in the first place > play it real cool with tenants to reach amicable solution.

Point being, I wouldn't assume that the landlord will ever be happy with the tenancy, however delightful the occupants are. There's a real sharers v single household market divide due to licencing regs.

I suggest... landlord & tenants have a sit down > cup of tea > landlord explains predicament > tenants accept that a mistake has been made > landlord waives missing rent, agrees to pay for moving costs & puts them in touch with lovely new ARLA letting agent for new housing - paying for all the fees too > tenants move elsewhere (say in the New year) feeling adequately compensated.

I wonder if that's a workable solution?

As an aside Julia, have you checked Land Registry (£3) for confirmation of the owners name for yourself? Always a good place to start.... Read More

Martin Wheeler

11:53 AM, 20th June 2015
About 5 years ago

Bankrupt estate agent - London W11

Forgive me Mark, I hope you don't mind me coming back in here...

Amelia, My Members profile doesn't currently link to my business details. I have just submitted these via the profile update. I have been a reasonably frequent reader of P118 since it's inception and occasional poster. I can be found by Googling 'Martin Wheeler Property'.... Read More

Martin Wheeler

11:44 AM, 20th June 2015
About 5 years ago

Bankrupt estate agent - London W11


My comments on your situation are below. I don't want to appear like a sweeping vulture but I would be happy to talk to you about looking after your property affairs for you. I currently look after rental properties for 3 landlords abroad - one in NZ, one in Portugal and one just leaving for Japan. All of whom would have a chat with you if required. From reading the discussion above it seems you need a 'man on the ground' and to just get back on track. Self management might work for some but working with a good agent has its merits. Take a look at my profile and my website, give me a call for a chat and if you feel that I am worthy I can resolve this without further delay. Notting Hill/Ladbroke Grove/Shepherds Bush are a stones throw from me.

I would also add...

1) Rent Payments - As you know, the AST is a contract between you and your tenant, regardless of who signed it (i.e. an Agent on behalf) and therefore you the Landlord instructs the tenant on how to pay the rent (i.e. to your own account or your nominated agent). This can be done in a formal manner.

2) Contacting tenants - If you have the contact details for all of your tenants then a phone call and an email from you to each with an explanation and new instructions. If it were me managing on your behalf I would follow that up with a phone call and a visit in person to each of your properties by appointment - introductions, ensure tenant is happy with landlord, property, new agent etc etc. ease any uncertainties, face to face - always a good way to start a relationship.

3) Don't have tenant contact details/Tenant not responding? - As your nominated agent I would ensure contact was made with your tenants, visiting the property if necessary, armed with the required paperwork and good manners to ensure tenant satisfaction.

4) Domus Nova - Are they maintaining contact with you, being cooperative? Possibly not. Retrieve as much of the paperwork on your file as possible. Anything important that's missing can be dealt with.

5) Deposit monies - deal with each case. Sounds like that is in hand. Hopefully all are with DPS or similar.

6) Any outstanding funds/float - pursue as with any other bankruptcy. Bottom line, this figure will be your worse case scenario re losses.

7) Sorting the HMRC obligations is a very straight forward affair. We report to you monthly and HMRC quarterly.

8) Once sorted, enjoy many more years of hassle free investments ...:)

Even if you don't contact me I wish you well in resolving without too much loss.

Martin.... Read More

Martin Wheeler

11:17 AM, 3rd May 2015
About 6 years ago

Newham Council, Licensing and Planning

"Bystander gives the thumbs up after man has his chopped off - for theft"... Read More