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22:06 PM, 14th April 2013, About 9 years ago

I have been offered 6 months rent in advance

Hi Suzanne. Alternatively, if your property is in the South or South East I can recommend an excellent letting agent who won't rip you off. As regards the current one, I think you'll need to read their terms and conditions and decide how you want to proceed.... Read More


20:17 PM, 22nd February 2013, About 9 years ago

Should I sell tenanted or serve notice and sell with vacant possession?

Hi. I'm in a similar position and have a tenanted property for sale in Newcafle. The agents, who are also the letting agents, have had it on the market for a year with no sale despite being slightly under market value. I'm about to put it with another agent as the tenants want to stay and am considering offering a cash incentive so they'll be helpful with viewings.

Unfortunately, the agent told them that they could stay for as long as they want so they've invested time and money in carpets, wallpaper, etc. I don't want to issue notice in case they're lucky enough to find an investor and feel it unfair considering they've been good tenants and paid their rent on time,... Read More


20:41 PM, 1st July 2012, About 10 years ago

HMO Landlady's casting couch story

Absolutely, and my professionals are indeed boringly well behaved! Obviously great for business but I'm slightly concerned about blog material. I may have to start on the antics of letting agents.....! Thanks for your comments.... Read More