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17:31 PM, 6th January 2021, About A year ago

'Non-proceedable' buyers creating a false market?

You're not alone in finding it difficult to invest in a bargain right now. Every property I've considered placing an offer on has been bid up past the asking price and this trend seems to be continuing now although the pace seems to be slowing a little. Lets see what the next couple of months hold. I'm expecting the housing market to cool off end of Feb into March but time will tell. As for purchases falling through yes I've seen quite a few drop back onto the market after being marked sold, so you're potentially onto something.... Read More


11:36 AM, 6th December 2019, About 2 years ago

New Tenant Fees laws = new problems for landlords?

From memory there is a clause that says you are allowed to charge a small fee if the prospective tenant provides any information at time of application that turns out to be false and so time is wasted due to the false information.
If this is the case why not ask if the prospect would pass a reference check and if they have any reason they wouldn’t pass the reference checks. If they say no and the reference comes back as a fail then you can charge them the small fee to cover the cost of referencing because they provided false information.
If the reference comes back as a pass then the landlord would cover the cost of the reference and accept the tenant.
Is this a possibility?... Read More


22:14 PM, 9th July 2019, About 3 years ago

The flawed Call for Evidence over Tenancy Deposits

It sounds as if there would be no point in requesting a deposit in the first place. Maybe that’s what they want? I.e for the landlord to take even more risk.... Read More


8:19 AM, 22nd June 2019, About 3 years ago

Shelter couple’s “punishment”: self-imposed exile in Cornwall

If Shelter want Landlords to accept DSS, smokers, pets etc then they should protest to the Government to allow landlords more freedom to operate a business.
I'm new to the industry although from the outside it looks like the agents and government are to blame not the landlords.
PS - those people in the video don't look to be doing too badly at all to say they don't work.... Read More