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16:36 PM, 21st April 2021, About 6 months ago

Do I have a right to know who lives in my house?

Perhaps there's a good reason why the agent doesn't want you to have a copy of the tenancy agreement or the tenant's contact details - maybe they are renting it out as a HMO or charging a higher rent than you think and skimming the profit each month?... Read More


14:19 PM, 16th February 2021, About 8 months ago

NRLA wants Holiday Lets to be hammered the same way as BTL?

Been a hands-on landlord offering long term residential lets for 20+ years and a member of the NRLA /NLA for most of them but, over the last few years, noticed that whenever the Government said 'Jump' the association's response appears to have been 'How high?' After suffering from a steady onslaught of legislation and taxation the provision of long term lets had lost it's appeal for me now as tenants have all the protection and the providers are simply treated as HMRC cash cows. Quite frankly I'd rather have an empty property than a tenant I want to get rid of but can't. I've considered switching to holiday lets - good money and much better taxwise but know it would mean being even more hands-on so I'm selling up despite the grossly unfair CGT hit. May claw some tax back with an EIS but whatever happens I know my life will be more or less easier. More time to do what I want and more capital available to me. Less hassle, tenant call-outs, property maintenance, cleaning up after others, gardening, accounts to keep... this less list could go on and on....... Read More


21:26 PM, 28th October 2019, About 2 years ago

A day in court with Shelter and the council’s impartiality?

It's now all par for the course isn't it - everyone from the government down seems to think they can treat private landlords contemptuously and get away with it .... and, as a general rule, they do. Is any other business treated so badly? I must admit that I'm fed up with it all and converting my ASTs to Holiday Lets too. Perhaps things will change in future - either that or the private landlord will become extinct.... Read More


20:05 PM, 16th June 2019, About 2 years ago

Tenant Fees Act 2019 – Elephant trap for the unwary!

I think the intention of this part of the legislation is to protect anyone who may have paid the holding deposit on a temporary basis for the prospective tenant(s) – that’s why it specifically states “with the consent of the person by whom it was paid”.
The funds could, for example, have been paid by a relative, an unrelated 3rd party, or just one of the prospective tenants for a joint/multiple tenancy.
The cynic in me can't help thinking a local council or government office lost a few bob in this way in the past – hence a sledgehammer to crack a nut.... Read More