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Thursday 6th June 2019

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Col Secomb

10:08 AM, 6th June 2019, About 3 years ago

Transfer of property between companies - DIY conveyancing?

Ved, you need a good solicitor who can process these things for you within 24 hours, for a reasonable fee. The whole ID1 process is time consuming and will likely cost you £50 each time anyway. Once you have provided your ID to your solicitor once, you won't need to provide it again for 2 years. We will have commercial client's call us up requesting to transfer a property from one SPV to another and we will have the transfer t them by email that day and have it electronically lodged at Land Registry the next day. For good client's such transfer costs around £100 plus VAT.
The process is as simple as a TR1, subject to either ID1s or attending a Land Registry office.
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